Recommendations on Youri Latortue and Jean Renel Senatus ignored by Assembly

As the 14 Senators were swearing in, 2 Validation Commissions were formed to study the records of newly elected officials. The Validation Commission made the recommendations to defer the validation procedures for two of the newly elected Senators, Youri Latortue and Jean Renel Senatus, until the CEP give adequate explanation on their method of calculation. The two Senators took positions to defend their win and managed to convince the Assembly to validate them.


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Haitian Kreyol:

Rekòmandasyon Komisyon Validasyon sou Youri Latortue ak Jean Renel senatus inyore

Pandan 14 Senatè yo te ap sèmante, 2 Komisyon Validasyon te fòme pou te etidye dosye nouvo ofisyèl eli yo. Komisyon an te fè rekòmandasyon pou yo te ranvwaye pwosedi Validasyon yo pou de nan Senatè yo ki fèk eli, Youri Latortue ak Jean Renel senatus, jouk CEP a bay bon jan eksplikasyon sou kalkil metòd yo itilize pou kalkil resilta yo. De Senatè yo te pran pozisyon nan defann yo epi yo jere jouk yo konvenk Asanble lan a valide yo.

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Subject: Recommendations on Youri Latortue and Jean Renel Senatus ignored by Assembly edit

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