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Youri Latortue admitted PHTK rigged elections

The Senator of Ayiti An Asyon (AAA) Youri Latortue, former adviser to President Michel Martelly admitted that PHTK had rigged the elections of August 9 and October 25, 2015

"We believe that President Jocelerme Privert is rigging the coming elections in favor a a specific group, the same way PHTK was doing".

What do you think for someone who was close adviser to president Michel Martelly to admit something like this?

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Florence Duperval Guillaume signed contract with person dead over 5 Months

Let me start by saying this is not the case of a dead person transformed into a Haitian Zombi although many would think this is possible. Florence Duperval Guillaume who was Haiti Minister of Public Health under the Martelly government had managed to do that. She actually signed one of these lucrative contracts with funds from PetroCaribe with someone who as pronounced dead for over five months earlier and buried. According to Senator Youri Latortue, the person in question died in April; however both his name and signature appeared at the end of a contract along with Minister Florence Duperval Guillaume in September of that same year. Senator Cantave who worked in the Ministry at the time was present at the funeral.

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Senators Jean Renel Senatus and Youri Latortue, a marriage made in Hell

Senator Jean Renel Senatus (alias Zokiki) no longer wants to be associated with Youri Latortue Block in the Senate. He is now asking for a divorce. Our Senator suddenly realized that he did not know what he was getting into when he joined the Youri Latortue Block.

I just want to point out that this was not the case just a few days ago. I guess the environment was different. This was the time when political deals were being made and Senators and Deputies had the opportunity to bargain for positions in the new government that was supposed to be created.

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Opposition already building against the nomination of Enex Jean-Charles

The minority Senators and Deputies of the bloc Alliance Parlementaire pour Haiti (APH) who are close to the political party PHTK rejected the nomination of Enex Jean-Charles for Prime Minister.

The leadders in the opposition, Gary Bodeau, Rony Celestin and Youri Latortue wanted for President Privert to select a Prime Minister between three people: Ericq, Mirlande Manigat and Edgard Leblanc Fils. They already predicted that Prime Minister Nominee Enex Jean-Charles will receive the same fate as his predecessor Fritz Jean.

What do you think?

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Youri Latortue denounces Jocelerme Privert and Edgar Leblanc secret deal

Who can accuse Haitian politic for not being interesting? After Prime Minister Evans Paul and many other pro PHTK supporters who who have been openly attacking President Jocelerme Privert, now is the turn of the Senator of Artibonite, Youri Latortue. According to the Senator, there is a secret agreement that exists between the Provisional President Jocelerme Privert and Edgar Leblanc who came close second in the election by the Haitian Senate for the nomination of the Provisional President that took place recently. According to Youri Latortue, the agreement was that Privert would become President with Edgar Leblanc placed as Prime Minister.

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Recommendations on Youri Latortue and Jean Renel Senatus ignored by Assembly

As the 14 Senators were swearing in, 2 Validation Commissions were formed to study the records of newly elected officials. The Validation Commission made the recommendations to defer the validation procedures for two of the newly elected Senators, Youri Latortue and Jean Renel Senatus, until the CEP give adequate explanation on their method of calculation. The two Senators took positions to defend their win and managed to convince the Assembly to validate them.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Rekòmandasyon Komisyon Validasyon sou Youri Latortue ak Jean Renel senatus inyore

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Jean Renel Senatus, Youri Latortue Senators in the first round

The final results of the 1st round of legislative elections in Haiti are finally public. We finally learned that a total of 2 senators and 8 deputies have already been elected in the first round or since August 9, 2015.

Here are the candidates who have been elected in the first round:

- Jean Renel Sénatus (West - LIDE), with 43.18%
- Youri Latortue, AAA, Artibonite Department with 46%.

- Cholzer Chancy, Ennery (Artibonite) - AAA
- Fritz Chery, Gros Morne (Artibonite) - AAA
- Garcia Delva, Dessalines (Artibonite) - PHTK
- A. Rodon Bien-Aimé , Cerca-Carvajal/Quartier de los Palis (Centre) - PHTK
- Gabriel Lyonel Jean, Lascahobas (Centre) - VERITE
- Rony Celestin, Cerca-la-Souce (Centre) - PHTK
- Bernard Anouce Jhon, Beaumon (Grand Anse) - PHTK
- Jackie Guerrier, Poite-à-Raquette (West) - INITE PATRIYOTIK

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Allegation of arbitrarily arrest of candidate Roosevelt Augustin by Youri Latortue

Roosevelt Augustin who is the Vice President of The Christian Movement for a New Haiti and is the candidate for Gonaives' Mayor, has been released from jail after one month of his arrest. All the charges against Augustin have been dropped on the basis that his arrest was based on arbitrary grounds. It is being said that his arrest on 26th April, 2013 was initiated after an illegal call by Youri Latortue, which is the advisor to President of Haiti, Michel Martelly.

It was claimed by Latortue that Augustin, who was elected as director of a school operating under the program of Free and Compulsory Education, committed fraud but Augustin, has since the very beginning, claimed that he was innocent. One day after Augustin declared his candidature for the post of Mayor for Gonaives, he was arrested.

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Twenty Nine School principals arrested for fraud - 29 Direkte lekol Anba Kod pou vole

The Minister of Justice in Haiti, Jean Renel Sanon, confirmed that 29 school principals were arrested in the West and Artibonite Departments, specifically Gonaives. The school principals have been running some of the public and private schools in the region for fraud. It includes school principals of both public and private.

Minis Jistis la, Jean Renel Sanon, konfime ke 29 direktè lekòl yo te arete nan Gonaives. Li gen ladan l direktè lekòl nan piblik ak prive.

Sa Se Pou Dwet Long Siperye!

If this is to be true, do we have any role models left in the country

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Haiti Political parties and their Leaders

Throughout the history of Haiti, only a few political parties have had a strong organizational structure. In the 1870s and the 1880s, the Liberal Party and the National Party were the two dominant political parties in Haiti reflecting the social and class division that exists in the country. On one side, you see the Liberals party composed mainly of the wealthier and better-educated mulatto minority in Haiti. On the other hand, the Nationalists Party, made mainly of the lower-and middle-class black majority.

Following the United States occupation (1915-34), the nationalist parties organized around the issue of resistance to foreign occupation. The political parties in Haiti started multiplying during the presidential campaign of 1946. Many candidates were participating, including: Parti Socialiste (PSP), Parti Democrate Unifi (PDU), Mouvement Ouvrier Paysan (MOP) and many more. During the Duvalier reign, most political leaders had been silenced.

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