Repatriation of Philippe Markington, alleged key witness in Jean Dominique Case

Philippe Markington, suspect in the alleged killing of Jean Dominique, activist journalist, has been extradited from Argentina where he sought sanctuary after escaping from the National Penitentiary. He had been held in the penitentiary, pending further questioning by Haiti's judicial authorities.


Philippe Markington Extradited to Face Murder Charges on Dominique Death

SOS journalists protect Haiti's freedom of the press. Delva, its Committee Chairman, is heading an investigation into Markington's part in Dominique's death. Pleased Markington has been taken into police custody; he says, it "is . . . a very important step in the investigation . . . to a resolution of this horrible murder case." Dominique, a critic of ex-President Aristide, was assassinated in 2000.

Rumors claim Philippe Markington was a confident of Aristide. And ex-senator Liberus, a member of Arisitide's Fanmi Lavalas, laid plans for Dominique's slaughter. Witnesses said an order to assassinate Dominique had to have been issued by Aristide. Other suspects implicated in the murder plot have asked for a change in venue to forestall adjudication of their cases. Haiti's Supreme Court is hearing the case to render a ruling soon. This will conclude the investigation and remand Markington and others to stand trial.

It is easy to conclude Aristide is responsible for Dominique's murder. But Haiti politics contain vestiges of the Duvaliers' corrupt, bloody reigns. It is credible Duvalier loyalists had infiltrated Fanmi Lavalas to bring down Aristide. Actors like Delva are hopeful Philippe Markington and others be convicted and sentenced to end the matter once and for all

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Subject: Repatriation of Philippe Markington, alleged key witness in Jean Dominique Case edit

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