Guidelines for Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the sale of the year.

Crowds willing to stand in line for hours can get in on the best deals on Black Friday. For this event, prepare in advance, or you may miss out on significant savings.

If you can survive without sleep for the Night Owl and Early Bird savings promotions, beginning at midnight and five am, do so. Bringing along a friend to wait out the hours, saving places in line for bathroom breaks and coffee treks, is a practical plan. Prepare for your shopping trip reviewing sale item ads. Also comparison shop at online retailers' websites. Bring ads to guarantee you get the item's sale price.

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Inexpensive Gift-Giving for the Holidays

The economy has made gift-giving for the holidays difficult. But you can economize, be creative, and have fun in producing gifts that show you care. One method is to shop throughout the year. If you see a sales special for an item you know will please someone, snatch it up and save. January is the month for white sales and all bedding is steeply discounted. You can purchase some beautiful sheet sets and surprise someone, who never expected to receive such an item.

Gift items needn't be expensive or conventional. You can forgo the X-box 360 and give nephew collectible sports cards of his favorite team. Give mom or nana a box of tree ornaments. How about a favorite plant for your uncle's green thumb?

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season, considered by news media to be the biggest and most bustling shopping day of the year.

The term Black Friday has lost its original meaning, coined in 1961 by the city of Philadelphia. Referring to congested auto and pedestrian traffic, clogging streets with shoppers, looking to get the best deals for Christmas gift-giving, eventually the term evolved to when retailers start making a profit off sale merchandise. In the past, accountants noted in their ledgers losses in red ink and profits in black. Hence, the term Black Friday means windfall profits for merchants.

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Contact Information

The objective of HaitiObserver.Com is to gather in one place all relevant information about Haiti and the people of Haiti. Through a system of Tags linking all related topics and pictures together, you can easily conduct an in-depth analysis of any Haitian related topic on HaitiObserver.Com. This service can be very useful for College students as well as individuals interested in book writing since it provides current and historic information about your topic of interested.

Are you a writer? Are you interested in writing a book for the next "Livres en Folie" event in Port-au-Prince? The topic as well as the content for your book is already here at HaitiObserver.Com

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Advertise with us

At Haiti Observer, we offer a variety of services to our customers. Due to our very specific audience, Haiti Observer is uniquely qualify to bring you the best possible result for your marketing effort. If your goal is to reach the affluent Haitian customers and establish a presence in the the Haitian community, there are no better place than right here.

There are so many ways we can help you. Please contact us for the following:

- You want to advertise with us

- You are interested in becoming a news reporter

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Haitian Photos

Collecting Pictures about Haiti is our passion. Since 1999, we have been collecting a variety of pictures about Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora.

We have a chance to visit our gallery of pictures at any time.

Also, based on our format, our pictures create their own history. As you are looking at the pictures we offer to you at Haitian Photos, you will be able that the most recent pictures are seen first and as you click back, you will be able to see the history over time.

In addition, as you are viewing these pictures, you will be able to add your own comments.

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Our objective is to share with you news and information about Haiti and the people of Haiti. Traditions, habits and the way we were  or  grew are alive in this site. We highly recommend that you Subscribe to our Newsletter and also share with us some of the things that are memorable and made us unique people.