Should UN Soldiers be responsible for the children they left behind in Haiti?

There is a problem that has been growing in Haiti since the introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti. Tens of thousands of young Haitian women are getting pregnant and giving birth to children without fathers. Obviously, the UN Soldiers have been expending their mission in Haiti by getting our women pregnant. However, when it is time to leave, they tend to leave everything behind as well, including their children.


According to a report released recently, Many women in Haiti have been getting pregnant from UN soldiers. By the time the child is born, the soldier is gone. Beside Cholera and abuse to the population, this is one of the problems in having a foreign force occupying your country and one overlooked by the Haitian government.

Now, that children of UN peacekeepers are becoming an issue in Haiti, did you know that the UN does have a policy of helping facilitate paternity claims and child support?

Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann...

Mezanmi, sanble misyon MINUSTAH an Ayiti te plis ke sa nou te konnin oiu! Se pa neg yo vini pou yo plin vant tout ti medam nou yo. Antou ka, sa mwin tande deyo-a, ginyin anpil vand nan ti medam nou yo kape gonfle, et se pa gaz yo ginyin.

Mwin tande ke anpil nan solda sa yo, ki gross ti medam nou yo, depi misyon fini, yo retounin nan payi yo et manman pitit la pa janm tande pale de yo anko.

Mwin panse si nou ginyin yon gouvelman responsab, li ta dwe adrese proble sa at UN oiu. Eske sa se minm ka avek Kolera kote MINUSTAH bay min li pa responsab?

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Jocelyne Barthelus says...

wi fow yo pran resposabilite

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Shime Leroy says...

yo connin nan qui group yo soti le yo quite pays a mes mdame fait pou aller cote chef yo e mande pou payer child support gan yo fait sa iciaun u s a aiti pas gai welfaire ca se ajouter misere pou mes dame

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Subject: Should UN Soldiers be responsible for the children they left behind in Haiti? edit

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