SONAPI, Bernard Schettini replaces Georges Barreau Sassine

Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Wilson Laleau, attended the ceremony of the installation of SONAPI's new Director General, that was held at the headquarters of SONAPI (National Society of Industrial Parks) located at the Metropolitan Industrial Park. Mr. Bernard Schettini was appointed as the new Director General in place of Mr. Georges Barreau Sassine. Honorary Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Wilson Laleau presented a speech during the installation ceremony in which he said that SONAPI is the institution that should be regulating, promoting and looking after the development of industrial parks throughout Haiti.


As for the appointment of the new Director General of SONAPI, Mr. Laleau said that first time in last 40 years, the government is committed towards the creation of new employment opportunities in Haiti and hence, the task of the new Director General will be a massive one. The new Director General, Mr. Bernard Schettini, said that SONAPI's mission is to create new jobs, which has to be a continuous process. He said that wealth creation is also a simultaneous goal. Apart from this, Mr. Schettini also responded to two out of total four goals set by President of Haiti and said that SONAPI's target is to increase its physical capacity gradually and that this can be achieved through new parks establishment and expansion of the already existing parks.

It is true that the dreams are big and that the goals cannot be achieved immediately but with proper cooperation between private and public sector and with proper governance, the goals can be achieved realistically. Mr. Bernard Schettini has a lot to do and the government has to provide the necessary support while maintaining transparency!

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Subject: SONAPI, Bernard Schettini replaces Georges Barreau Sassine edit

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