Sorry Jude Celestin, we have decided to go with Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly

The CEP made it official. Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly are officially. What made it even more insulting is that while the local press spent the night waiting for the official result, the news was released to the international news media.


In Haiti, we do things differently

Are we going to hear from Jude Celestin?

Does Michel Martelly now agree with the results?

"Ede'm Rele", Ede'm Crie"

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Alerte Jean Mackendy says...

I'm not realy have much to say well what we wanted is exactly what going to be happen Michel-vs Mirlande so now people
let see what Martelly N Manigat in the Western have to do for the nation ...

im agree wherther 1 of them pass ...

(es mir egal

9 haiti just need someone to focus in our situation nowwwww constiantly talking.


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Pierre-m Antoine says...

now we will learn who you can trust to make this country working again onless we all serve our master the U S A, this is

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Renaud G. says...

This is what I would call election borlette.

The Haitian government, in particular, Rene Preval, should be ashame.

We will never go anywhere if this is the way we decide to lead the

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Nazon P. says...

This can happen only in Haiti.

The Haitian democracy is different than other countries.

This is the only country where authorities have the freedom to select candidates openly.


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Subject: Sorry Jude Celestin, we have decided to go with Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly edit

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