The principal sports in Haiti is soccer. However, many Haitian play basketball, volley ball as well as many other sports.

Jacques Cesaire, professional American football player

Jacques Cesaire is a son to Haitian parents who is a famous professional football player who has made it big with time. He has been in the teams for a very long time such that he is nothing but a very great player having played for various big teams where he has made very big achievements and where he has a great future ahead of him.

There are a couple of teams Jacques Cesaire has played for where he has gained a lot of popularity such that he is one of the rising stars and where he got to be so famous. He graduated in Gardner High School in Gardner, Massachusetts, in 1998 where he engaged in the various school games such as basketball, football and track.

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Jason Pierre-Paul, American football player from Haiti

Despite being a successful player for the National Football League, Jason Pierre-Paul has not been silent about his roots. He is nicknamed JPP and has recorded remarkable success as defensive end in the American football. Jason Pierre-Paul began his NFL career with the New York Giants in 2010.

Jason Pierre-Paul was born in January 1, 1989. His parents are Haitian and were living in Deerfield Beach, Florida during Jason's birth. His parents had left their mother land in 1983. Though he is a successful NFL player, Jason played basketball at Deerfield Beach High School. However, after a leg injury, he switched to football in his junior year.

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Jean Alexadre joins Orlando City (Soccer)

Haitian soccer superstar Jean Alexandre has been an international hit in Major League Soccer for the past three years. He has since played with several teams, belonged to numerous clubs, and has brought Haiti a name in the sports scene.

Jean Alexandre was born in Verrettes, a municipality in Haiti, but was raised in the state of Florida where he entered Lynn University. While in college, he played for the Palm Beach Pumas and the Ventura County Fusion. He first gained international fame when he was drafted by Real Salt Lake in 2009 where he played for three seasons and did 38 appearances. Alexandre was then traded off to the San Jose Earthquakes in 2011.

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Jean Pascal, a Formidable Opponent in the Ring

Jean-Thenistor Pascal, a Haitian-Canadian professional boxer, was born on October 28, 1982, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At the age of four, Pascal moved with his mother and brother to Laval, Quebec. During his pre-teen years, he played hockey and soccer, but changed course when his older brother won the 1996 Quebec Boxing Championship. Now Pascal started working out at Club Champions St-Michael gym, under trainer Sylvain Gagnon, who saw Pascal's potential as a champion boxer.

At the 2004 Summer Olympics, Jean Pascal fought for Canada in the Light Middleweight category. He turned pro on February 3, 2005, beating his opponent, Justin Hahn, in a round two TKO. Pascal competed for the national Super Middleweight title and won the match in a round seven KO. He won another three Super Middleweight titles in the Trans American Boxing, WBC Latino, and WBO NABO events. Pascal competed in NABF National Championships, winning against Christian Cruz with a round ten TKO, which burnished Pascal's image as Canada's premier Super Middleweight.

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Jean Alexadre Joins Orlando City-Soccer

Jean Alexadre was born on 24th August 1986 in Verrettes, Haiti. He grew up in Verrettes until when he was 9 years old where he moved to Delray Beach, South Florida. He was a soccer player in the position of midfielder.

He loved soccer since his days as a young boy and while in Lynn University in Palm Beach, Fla, he played in PDL with Palm Beach Pumas and the Ventura county Fusion. In 2009 Jean Alexadre played with Real salt Lake where he played 38 times in three seasons. He was a player who was admired by many because of his talent and his scoring nature in every team he went. He scored a goal for RSL while they were playing with Vancouver Whitecaps. This was a tough match and scoring this goal made him to be renamed as the MSL Player of the week.

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Antonio Cromartie, professional football player San Diego Chargers

Antonio Cromartie is one of the players in the US who has made a great career by simply playing his heart out. He is an American cornerback for the New York Jets of the National Football League. He got into football after being recruited by the San Diego Chargers after being drafted in the 2006 NFL Draft becoming 19th overall.

Cromartie has thus made a big career as a player where he has so far garnered a great popularity and where he is very much loved by all his fans all over the country. He got into the teams after a great show in his high school years where he used to play for the teams. He attended school at Lincoln High School where he presented a great show of his abilities recording great achievements.

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Canadian sprinter Bruny Surin, born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti

Bruny Surin, a renowned Canadian sprinter, was born in Cap-Haïtien, Haïti on 12th July 1967. He was raised in Canada where his family had found residence in 1975. Though he is famous for short distance running, Bruny began his athletic career in the long jump.

He made his first outstanding performance in the mid 1994 commonwealth games in which he won gold medal in the 4x100 relay. After switching from long jump to sprinting, Bruny Surin has won several medals. In the 1995 world championship games, he won a silver medal in the 100m race. He also secured a gold medal in the 4x100m relay with the Canadian team. He added to his medals in 1996 when he won another gold medal in 4x100m relay at Atlanta.

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Cliff Avril, professional American football player

Cliff Avril is one of the Detroit lion's national team of football players. He is born of Haitian parents who had moved into the US during one of those moments the country was experiencing some major struggles for the political power. He was however born in the US making him a US citizen.

There are some major games Cliff Avril has played so far that have managed to get him to the top of the leagues such that he is very famous across the country. He has over time been names a great player simply out of the number of tackles and sacks he has been able to achieve. He is one of the players whose future seem quite clear and bright since he is able to easily make the best in a game while it seems in its worst state. There are various games he has played so far that have made him so famous.

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D'Anthony Batiste, professional American football player

D'Anthony Batiste is one of the many Haitians making it big in the American football leagues. He plays for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League where he is an offensive tackle player. He is of Haitian parents who were among the many who moved into the states during one of the many political setbacks that used to be in the country during the time and which have been on till today.

There are many players making it big in the states but D'Anthony Batiste is one of the few who has been given so many titles out of his ability on the field such that he is one of the best players around. He was at some point name the all-state, all parishes, all regions and even the all district champion in his years in school.

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Kick-boxer David Loiseau Fights for Haiti Earthquake Survivors

David Loiseau, a Haitian-American and Canadian kick-boxer, was born on December 17, 1979 in Montréal, Quebec, Canada. Loiseau started his mixed-martial arts fighting career, with an impressive record of eight wins and two losses, over tough competitors such as Joe Doerksen and Tony Fryklund.

In 2003, David Loiseau began fighting as the first French-Canadian kick-boxer, under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner, beating Mark Weir with a KO, but losing to Jorge Rivera. He rebounded in 2005 at the UFC with three TKOs against Gideon Ray, Charles McCarthy and Evan Tanner.

In 2006, he had a bad year, losing two successive fights against Rich Franklin and Mike Swick. Back at the UFC in 2009, he lost again against Ed Herman and was released from his contract. He fought unsuccessfully again in 2010 at the UFC, but lost to Mario Miranda on a TKO and his contract was not renewed.

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