President Michel Joseph Martelly met Pope Benedict XVI - VIDEO

On November 22, 2012, Haitian president Michel Martelly and family met Pope Benedict XVI in Rome.


Martelly also met the Vatican's Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone where the Vatican agreed to continue to support Haiti to recover from the 2010 earthquake.

Video of Haitian president thanks Pope for quake aid during Vatican visit:

For me the "Haitian Joudalist", it was important to notice two important facts from the meeting between President Michel Martelly and Pope Benedict XVI.

- One, If you look closely, you will see the Haitian President with his "Pink Bracelet" visibly displayed during the meeting.

- Two, the president did not only select a gift to give to the pope that is a symbol of the Haitian culture. He gave him a percussion instrument with very colorful decorations.

Pope thanks Dominican Republic for its help after the earthquake in Haiti:

Is it because President Martelly was musician first before becoming president and that the visit was all about him?

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Jano says...

Martelly understands that with Haitians, it is about belief.

The Plink Bracelet has reached a new level.

As a result of Pope Benedict XVI giving his blessing to Martelly Pink bracelet, the followings will also be blessed: Pink Card, Ti Manman Cheri, Katye Pam

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Jacques Joseph says...

President Martelly had his pink bracelet while visiting the Pope because he wants people to believe that this is something sacrete.

All his followers will now wear the pink bracelet for religious belief.

They all believe in Martelly and that is exactly what Martelly wanted all

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Subject: President Michel Joseph Martelly met Pope Benedict XVI - VIDEO edit

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