Delta to Cancel Services to Haiti due to decreased in demand

Delta Airlines has not been able to keep up with the competition over Haiti. The company will stop its daily flights from New York to Port-au-Prince this month (March, 2015). Their Saturday flights will continue uninterrupted until April 25, 2015


According to the spokesperson for Delta that decision to reduce and eventually eliminate service to Haiti if things do not pick up is due to a decrease in demand. Ongoing competition from American Airlines followed by recent actors such as Jetblue providing daily service to Haiti had an impact on their sales.


Delta ape diminye Sèvis li an Ayiti

Delta Airlines pa kapab kenbe ak konpetisyon nan rout Ayiti-a . Konpayi a ap sispann vòl chak jou li tew konn bay de New York a Pòtoprens. Li ape sispann vòl nan mwa sa a (Mas , 2015 ). Vòl Samdi yo ap kontinye san enteripsyon jouk 25 avril , 2015

Selon Pòtpawòl pou Delta, desizyon pou diminye ak evantyèlman elimine sèvis an Ayiti se paske yo pa ranmase lajan ase plis moun pa mande ase pou yo vole ak Delta

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Subject: Delta to Cancel Services to Haiti due to decreased in demand edit

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