Supporters broke into courtroom as Andre Michel ordered transfer to state penitentiary

This is the latest on the case of Attorney Andre Michel as the day of October 23, 2013 will likely be remembered as one of the hottest day for the Martelly-Lamorthe government.


"Dife Ya Cho"

As Attorney Andre Michel was awaiting hearing where the judge was preparing to serve him an order to be transferred to the state penitentiary, supporters broke into the courtroom. It was reported that legislator Arnel Belizaire and other supporters drove Andre Michel to the Haitian Parliament for security purpose.

"Kouri Nan Potoprins"

Several supporters shut down several blocks in the streets of Port-au-Prince by putting up barricades and burning tires. The Haitian government later that day issued a statement condemning the removal of Andre Michel from the courthouse.

"Tire Zorey"

It was also reported that President Michel Martelly has a phone conversation with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden

Here is the day in video:

Prezantasyon Me André Michel nan Pakè

Liberation of Maitre Andre Michel

Mèt André Michel refijye nan Sena

Newton Saint-Just react to the arrest of André Michel

Senator North, Moïse Jean-Charles reacts

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Subject: Supporters broke into courtroom as Andre Michel ordered transfer to state penitentiary edit

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