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Lucmane Delille Case Against Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Simon Dieuseul Desras, President of the Senate stated to a journalist on Thursday that Lucmane Delille, Port-au-Prince's Government Commissioner is not competent enough nor does he have the disposition at a professional level to purse a case against Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the former President.

Who Should Deal The Case
Delille seems unfit for various reasons. It is recalled by Senator Desras that the capital city's government commissioner was a GNB or the Grenn Nan Bouda member. GNB translation indicates, 'sexual organs of males in the buttocks'. Elites as a reactionary group formed GNB that includes Haitian President who was a musician formerly. In 2004 to oust the President, Group 184 funded GNB.

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The Oath of Office for Marc Elias, First Haitian-American Chief of Police for North Miami.

The ceremony took place on Monday, November 28, 2011 at North City Hall. Marc Elias became the First Haitian-American Chief of Police for North Miami also the first for a major city in the United States.

This proves that we can do a lot as individuals. If we unite our forces, we can do even greater things. There were several high dignitaries who were present at the ceremony for Oath of Office for Marc Elias. Jean Monestime first Haitian-American Miami-Dade County Commissioner, Daphne D. Campbell, State Representative, Former Mayor of North Miami, First Haitian-American Mayor of North Miami, Joe Celestin, Andre Pierre, Mayor of the city of North Miami, Florida, Jean R. Marcellus and Councilman of North Miami, District 3. Also present were Lucie Tondreau and Deputy Arnel Belizaire.

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Michel Martelly should ask for forgiveness to end Affair Arnel Belizaire

The first time that President Michel Martelly took a position on the illegal arrest of Deputy Arnel Belizaire was a few days after he arrived at Airport Toussaint Louverture, in Port-au-Prince. The president stated clearly that he's not implicated in the affair of Arnel Belizaire "Ni de près ni de loin".

"Ni de près ni de loin"

How many people believe the president was telling the truth when he said that he was not implicated in the affair of Arnel Belizaire "Ni de près ni de loin"?

On the other hand, President Michel Martelly was quick to ask for forgiveness for crimes committed by the Haitian Military. He was willing to ask for forgiveness in front of the Haitian public for a group that has committed many crimes in the past and with which he has nothing to do with. In another term, President was not implicated with the Haitian military : Ni de près ni de loin"

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Arnel Belizaire's Criminal record does not qualify him as victim

The affair of Arnel Belizaire put our president Michel Martelly for the first time in a

position where he is speechless. The reason is simple: his team did not handle the

issue well at all. However, when you look at the actual criminal record of Arnel

Belizaire, it is a shock how someone with such a record can become a Deputy of a


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Deputy Arnel Belizaire jailed, no immunity lifted

Deputy Arnel Bélizaire was taken to jail upon arrival from a visit in France. According to police, he was taken for questioning as he was named as one of former inmates who set fire to the national penitencery following the January 12, 2010 earthquake.

No Dyol to Tall! Apali Papa !

Belizaire was driven to the very prison where he had been locked up since 2004 on an illegal weapons charge. Belizaire was elected to Haiti's parliament in a March 20 runoff, a year and two months after the earthquake

How did Arnel Bélizaire manage to escape from jail and become Deputy?

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President Michel Martelly is not panicked with incident with Deputy

In an attempt to clarify the incident where it was alleged that Michel Martelly got involved into a verbal altercation with one of the Haitian lawmakers, the president was not apologetic at all. On the contrary, Michel Martelly warned that we have not seen anything yet.

As the president stated:" Anytime someone comes to the National Palace and does not speak properly with the presidency, even if you have immunity, you might not be able to come out"

"Me Bwa"

What does that mean exactly? Shouldn't we ask the president for clarification on his statement?

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