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RadioTelevision Caraibes Ronald Vaval arrested for shooting wife's lover, Alain Lamothe

An incident that took place over three Months ago. The sport announcer for Radio Television Caraibes, Ronald Vaval, opened fire on Alain Lamothe who allegedly had an affair with his wife. It was reported that Ronald Vaval found his wife with Alain Lamothe in an intimate position; something that obviously he couldn't take.
Do you think this is necessary?

There is a Haitian proverb that say: Kout Manchet nan Dlo Pa Gin Mak"

It was reported that Ronald Vaval had left Haiti following his act but somehow returned to Haiti. Does that make any sense?

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Haitians arrested for forcing other Haitians into Hard Labor

Three arrested for forcing Haitians into forced Labor in Florida.

The Haitian "Joudalist" has learned that US Justice Department arrested Carline Ceneus, Cabioch Bontemps and Willy Edward for convincing a total of thirty four (34) Haitians to go to Gainsville, Florida to do farm work in hope to give them permanent US residency.

According to the indictment, these three: Carline Ceneus, Cabioch Bontemps and Willy Edward make these Haitians pick beans and peas and also took their passport to prevent them from leaving the field.

Additionally, the US Justice Department stated that the three were also involved in visa fraud.

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