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Jean-Mary Gabriel dies of asthma attack, having forgotten his pump

Jean Mary Gabriel, the one person on Radio Caraibes who has been responsible to bring so much joy in the heart of so many, is no longer with us. He passed away last night following an Asthma attack.

Sources have revealed that the death of Jean-Mary Gabriel could have been avoided. He died by an asthma attack for having "lost" or "forgotten" his pump.

Some of the statements we will never hear again on Radio Caraibes, specially in Matin Caraibes:

"Neg sa Nul"

"Se Mwin Minm Ki Jean-Mary Gabril La"

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Tips to maintain A Mold-Free Home After Flooding

Flood in Haiti

Floods can cause mold in your home and it can be a big problem for you and your family. Keep in mind that mold is bad for the health. Those who have allergies and asthma will be put at greater risk if mold in your house is not removed immediately.

Health officials called on people whose homes were submerged in water to remove the mold in their properties. One can do this by cleaning every inch of the house, drying it out, and throwing away things that are infected by mold. It might be difficult for you to discard mold-infected items, especially of they are very personal and important to you, but it might be your only way of getting rid of the entire mold. Remember that mold and mildew usually grows in just a day. Moreover, they can stick to different parts of your home.

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