Beaumont in Haiti

Beaumont is a village located in Haiti in the Grand'Anse Department. It is a municipality. In the mountain ranges, to the south of Haiti, is a beautiful village called Beaumont. Within the Corail Arrondissement, this village sits comfortably. It is also neighboring part of the Grand' Anse region.


Addressing Rural Area Revenues

Around 12,486 people inhabit Beaumont. In an ongoing effort, to address revenue of rural areas in Haiti that had been famished, Michel Martelly, President of the Government of Haiti traveled to Beaumont.

To provide basic services to the community, a revenue infusion is needed. The communities living in Beaumont are quite poor, want to have their own destinies, controlled. The government of Haiti is willing to cooperate, as well.

Divesting Government Control:
A town hall meeting format, called Katye Pam Poze model, is set in place to decentralize administration and for putting the power of making decisions into the local government's hands.

This has been done as part of the initiative for divesting the government of the control it had traditionally over Beaumont's remote regions. Coffee houses in the locality are used by Katye Pam Poze as a place for meeting up with residents of the area to discuss needs of the community.

Discussions for Development.
Discussions on child care, police protection, health-care and sanitation facilities are done. President Martelly, expresses desire to stimulate the production of agriculture in Beaumont, so that the citizens are provided with core services.

Future plans for Beaumont
Plans are made to make the best use of the fertile land to grow crops like bananas, cassava, coffee beans, yams etc, which can help generate revenue when exported abroad. The plans are to attract private investments from social investment funds of non-profit nature which in turn helps businesses that have outgrown lending policies of banks in Haiti. This is to ensure that their businesses continue to remain profitable. At the gathering of local village officials, Martelly remarks that Beaumont has to be developed and that Grand Anse must certainly expect this from him.

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