Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra launch peanut depot in Tierra Muscady, Haiti

One of the most important crops grown in Haiti is peanuts. The call for its increased production has led to a tripartite collaboration between the University of Georgia's (UG) research project, Feed the Future Innovation Lab; the Clinton Foundation; and the U.S. Agency for International Development.


Ex-president, Bill Clinton, and patron, Frank Giustra, formed the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) to start Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation, which is developing a supply chain, to raise the living standards of 12,000-plus peasant peanut farmers. The first of a network of supply chains is beginning operations at the Acceso depot, based in Tierra Muscady, followed by 35 other centers. Acceso depots are all-purpose facilities for instruction, seed purchases, and other inventory-related tasks, storage, and distribution operations.

UG's innovation lab contains a soil and sciences department. Their task is to create a peanut variety immune to mold, with high crop yields. The hardier peanut will be accessible to peasant farmers to plant and harvest, vending their yields at the Acceso depots. CGEP CEO Gunton says the market-propelled solution to food insufficiency will level the playing field for peasant farmers to compete in a flourishing market.

Five Acceso depots are in operation, providing peanuts to organizations like Meds & Food for Kids and Partners in Health, maker of nutrition supplements for children, with peanuts as the main ingredient.

Feed the Future feels the new peanut will contribute to a healthier economy and ". . . reduce hunger, poverty, and undernutrition."

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Subject: Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra launch peanut depot in Tierra Muscady, Haiti edit

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