Clinton White House lacked control in Leaking Haiti paper

The White House of President Bill Clinton had faced problems regulating their remote approach message because of journalists' capability to act against each other, as we understand from new documents, which were discharged by the Bill Clinton Presidential Library on Friday.


Tara Sonenshine and Tom Ross of the National Security Council composed a 1994 memo saying that journalists were exploiting the absence of coordination between the State Department and the Defense Department. They wrote to Marl Gearan that too many things were happening at State and Defense that the White House didn't know about. And the communicators of the remote arrangement were not being furnished with regular material. They also stated that the foreign policy communicators were not adequately fulfilling the day by day briefing of the correspondents and analysts, to inform and educate them about the plans.

A few months later, Tara Sonenshine advanced ideas on the genocide in Rwanda, giving senior National Security Council official, Nancy Soderberg, information she could use in the approaching meeting with Tom Lippman of the Washington Post.

Sonenshine likewise gave points through which Lippman could be discredited, including regional water shipments and the deployment of 2,500 UN peacekeepers. She said that, in that case, their experience of the situation in Somalia should not have stopped them from making the best decision.

One more memo detailed the plan to legitimize the 1994 "Operation Uphold Democracy" in Haiti. It suggested that Clinton meet personally with reporters and also spoke of the planned leak to the New York Times of a "Haiti Paper".

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Subject: Clinton White House lacked control in Leaking Haiti paper edit

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