Government Commissioner, Jean Renel Senatus, to crack down on beggars, how far will he go?

Let me put it this way instead. Can Government Commissioner, Jean Renel Senatus, really crack down on beggars in Haiti?


To be fair to the Government Commissioner, he made the point that he is referring to beggars in front or near banks. "There are beggars, who are part of networks of thieves who stand in front of the BRH to the Rue Pavée, in front of the BNC, of commercial banks and serve as scouts for thieves".

If we had to come up with the real list of beggars in Haiti, I assume that the list would be pretty long. I have a few names:

1) The people at Airport Toussaint L'Ouverture who want to help you with your bags whether you want it or not.

2) The people standing up in front of the public institutions in Haiti who are constantly harassing you.

3) The people with a small business that clearly can't support them. The moment they see you, they want to tell you more about their own personal problems than the products they are selling.

4) Those many people who like to come to visit a Diaspora and would not leave until you give them something.

5) The Haitian government, including executive and legislative branches who believe that the International community are responsible for their annual budget.

Do you have anyone you would like to include in this list of beggars in Haiti for Government Commissioner, Jean Renel Senatus?

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Fefe says...

the current haitian president who think people in diapora must pay $ 1.50 to his government with no

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Jacqueline M Chow says...

I really (really) like to see "the beggars and the people at Airport Toussaint L'Ouverture to just not be there at all and leave you alone.

Damn, you can hardly walk the outside walkway.

Then, if you are lucky enough to walk out the airport, you find a band of people or cars at the end of the airport, they just stand there..

crowded the airport and create more traffic.

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Subject: Government Commissioner, Jean Renel Senatus, to crack down on beggars, how far will he go? edit

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