Behaviors that did not help the cause during anti-Martelly Protest

The protest against the government of Michel Martelly was undeniable a success with thousands and thousands of people in the street on November 18, 2013 demanding that Michel Martelly leave. There were several incidents that I observed that actually make me think about who actually took to the streets to demand the removal of the Haitian President.


Please tell me why do some during the protest feel that they have to clime a light pole just to remove the picture of Michel Martelly?

There were several vehicles that were parked at the wrong place, the wrong time. These cars had their windows broke into, painted with graffiti and in some case had their tires punched.

Why is that ?

Can someone help me to understand that by doing this horrible acts, one feel that can express himself/herself to the fullest?

The most despicable act during the protest was when I saw a gentleman, in public view was doing his number two on a picture of Michel Martelly in the middle of the street

Whether I am for or against; one thing I know is that I do not want to associate myself with anything like this

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Vertus says...

Do you remember what Michel Martelly did during the years of Aristide.

Tell me why Martelly did all those things then I will explain to you today event.


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Frideny says...

Could anyone tell me what is number two means on the news?

I can't believe what it makes me think

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Pierre says...

I bet u that someone with money and anti Micky gather a few thousand peoples and paid them money to act a

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Pierre says...

What your i

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Subject: Behaviors that did not help the cause during anti-Martelly Protest edit

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