Samuel Madistin di Yo achte konseye electoral yo pou yon Kaka Aran

Samuel Madistin, kandida pou prezidan MOPOD di tout konseye elektoral fin pouri. Yo pa ka reyalize eleksyon ki jis ak kredib. Li kontinye pou di ke sektè demokratik la te fè erè sou moun sa yo. Li diskite ke moun yo nan grangou, kèk nan yo se pwofesyonèl men ki fè fas a difikilte ekonomik. Yo sede dwadpasaj bay ofisyèl gouvènman pou yon ti Kaka Aran. Samyèl Madistin di ke Konseye elektoral yo kounye a se gro avoka pati PHTK.


Former candidate of MOPOD, Samuel Madistin, said the electoral advisers are corrupt, unable to conduct a fair and credible elections. He admitted that the democratic sector made a mistake for not realizing that these facing economic difficulties would fall for offers made by corrupted government officials.

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Subject: Samuel Madistin di Yo achte konseye electoral yo pou yon Kaka Aran edit

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