No Protection for Voodoo Religion by Amended Haiti Constitution

The majority of modern-day Haitians believes in and practices at least some aspects of voodoo. In 1935, a law effectively stated the practice of Voodoo as superstitious, noting that individuals who participate in different ceremonies and practices that function as an offering to local deities such as the sacrificing of livestock could be fined or even imprisoned. It was then abolished in the 1987 constitution due to the change in government and the protests of Haitians. In 2003, Voodoo was officially recognized as an official religion in Haiti, meaning it enjoyed the same rights and legal protections as any other religion.


But just recently, the head of the National Confederation of Haitian Voodoo, Priestess Euvonie Auguste recently stated that the newly amended constitution revoked the 1987 abolition of the 1935 anti-voodoo law. This leaves voodoo practitioners vulnerable to legal prosecution once more where they will have to protect themselves from any attacks or discrimination directed to them as voodoo would be no longer protected by the new constitution.

Voodoo currently plays a big role in the tourism of Haiti. Foreigners come visit the country because of their curiosity to the mysterious religion. The retention of the anti-voodoo law may negatively affect the tourism industry of the country in the near future as voodoo will slowly diminish as it is supposedly illegal in Haitian law. In addition, what is not realized by most is the significance of the religion in how Haiti came to be and makes up most of the country and its people's culture and history.

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Subject: No Protection for Voodoo Religion by Amended Haiti Constitution edit

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