Plaisance, A Favorite Sightsseing Destination In Haiti

Plaisance is located in Haiti's Nord Department. In the Plaisance Arrondissement, it is a municipality. Around 63,278 people inhabit the place as indicated by the 2009 estimates. During the colonial times, the French considered Plaisance a favorite destination for relaxation and rest.



Located nearby, is a peak called Morne Bedoret at a height of 543 meters. The Fort Bedourete is located here. There are a large number of sites and monuments to see in Plaisance. They include Miracles Virgin Gobert's former chapel where in 1803, Alexandre Petion and Jean-Jacques Dessalines met before the launch of the final assault against Cape Francais.

You get to see a single walled local Catholic church. Basic shelter in the church is created by using anchor tarps by the parishioners. Now this church serves as a school, chapel and clinic. Various sections the Plaisance municipality is composed of are, Mapou, Hill-Gobert, Martineau and Champagne. Other sightseeing opportunities include Despeignes, Dumesniul, homes Provence and The Powder.


The region is rich in flora and fauna, a large number of rivers flow here and the climate is nice and cool. The place has been inhabited by a large number of buccaneers who raised feral pigs and cattle. A large number of livestock thrives here.

One of the main occupations is agriculture. For the cave Yacuba falls, a large number of natural sites, waterfalls on the Porous Cave, Robilliard Islet and rivers located between Limbe and Plaisance, this region is home.

Living In Plaisance

Plaisance is a remote destination and not a very easy destination to live or reach. You will have to take a long ride on a mountainous and rocky road for 3 miles to reach here by road from the paved highway. To look for work or to sell goods, people have to travel down the mountains to reach places in and around Port-au-Prince. Nutrition and healthcare is not too good here. Maternal, childhood and infant mortality rates are quite high. Subsistence crops are raised by the people to make a living.

Charcoal is made by cutting down the few trees that remain now. The best thing about the inhabitants of Plaisance is that they are hard core survivors and courageous. Even though the area was hit hard by the 2010 earthquake and hurricanes that took place recently, the people have courageously taken up the challenge of survival. People live with amazing dignity and classic hospitality of the Haitian people.

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