Morne à Cabri, Haiti

It's been over a year since a mysterious housing development sprang up in the Morne à Cabri region, in the desert some 15 kilometers to the east of Port-au-Prince. These little houses, totaling approximately 3,000, are so described because the public has heard next to no details about the construction, despite the prescripts of the constitution, and a demand to hear more from the Haitian Government.


Despite the lack of information, as well as because of it, the questions keep piling up, largely still unanswered. Is it a private venture or is the Government in charge? Who has commissioned the construction, and to what end? What is the budget for the work being done in Morne à Cabri and where is the money coming from? What firm has responsibility for the construction and are the new guidelines for housing and building code policies being observed?

It is little wonder these questions are being asked. If the venture is a private one, why would an owner not declare this to stop speculation? The lack of answers has led to a whole other scheme of questions including; who does the land belong to and how has payment been made? There has even been conjecture as to whether the project in Morne à Cabri is housing for the eventual workers of some planned site, thus private, or housing for earthquake victims, thus public.

The project in Morne à Cabri is reportedly Haiti's most expansive housing project to date and though Article 40 of the country's constitution clearly dictates that the State must make public through the television, print and spoken media in both French and Creole, any eventuality, including laws, which pertains to the life of the nation, the truth remains unknown, raising another question; would the dissemination of this information put national security in jeopardy?

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