Increase in Sale at Fair Trade Café to Benefit Haitian Farmers

Fair Trade Café is located at 4882 Palm Coast Parkway North West, Florida. They serve coffees that are harvested by hardworking men and women in Haiti. Your purchase at 'Fair Trade Café' will help people in an impoverished country to earn a living. Haitian coffee is a wonderful product that simply needs a proper market where it can be sold. Fair Trade Café works jointly with 'Singing Rooster', which is a certified 501 (c) (3 ) nonprofit enterprise that offers on-ground assistance and partnership to the coffee harvesters and makes direct buyer relationships. They also assist in cultivating high quality gourmet Haitian coffee, buy, sell and export bulk quantities of Haitian coffee beans.


When 'Fair Trade Café' was opened seven months before, everybody was unsure about the likely acceptance by consumers. Till this month, the total sale has beaten every earlier expectation by minimum double volume. The increase in the number of coffee drinkers at Fair Trade Café means more wages for poor Haitian Coffee farmers.

Fair Trade Café is a wing of 'Lifecoast Church' which has outreach in Haiti through 'Trades of Hope'. The café manager Greg Schnepf has said, the café should not be viewed as a Christian coffee shop; we are here for the welfare of Haitian community. Even nonbelievers are welcome and we hope they see the love of Christ through our actions.

Molly Nicaise, the president of 'Singing Rooster' has said that their organization is present here to ensure that the Haitian farmers get paid well for their corps. Coffee is a tool for economic development in Haiti. Singing Rooster regularly imports and exports Haitian coffee into Wisconsin via Florida in association with Palm Coast café; they also roast and package the coffee beans.

Haiti once had a prominent presence among the top coffee producing countries in the world. It is still possible to recapture its former glory by developing excellent brands through proper sales and marketing channel. Haitian coffee can be a good vehicle for economic development in Haiti.

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