Four Seasons Hotels to start Serving Haitian Coffee

Four non-government organizations (NGOs) have partnered to aid coffee producers in Haiti, growing coffee beans for the export market. The Clinton and Leslois Shaw Foundations, along with La Columbe Torrefaction and Four Seasons Hotels, have revealed Four Seasons will start offering Haitian coffee on its menus. The variety chosen for inclusion on the menus is a coffee bean indigenous to mountainous areas enfolding Thiotte. La Columbe is the coffee bean wholesaler.


Part of a long-term partnership to outsource Haitian coffee to wider markets, the NGOs intend to create more employment opportunities and raise the standard of living for many Haitians as the enterprise develops new markets.

The Clinton Foundation et al have also started the Haiti Coffee Academy to hand over the tools of coffee making to younger Haitians. The hope is the Coffee Academy will pull coffee production out of its decline, in part due to the deforestation of the island. What canopy cover remains (1.4%) has been sustained mainly by coffee-growing collectives. One hundred thousand-plus Haitian coffee growers form the coffee ecosystem and depend upon coffee growing as their chief source of wage earnings.

Premium coffees are in high demand around the world, and hotel guests expect the highest-grade coffee to be served during their visits, especially in accommodations like the Four Seasons. The Four Seasons is an enthusiastic partner in helping to re-invigorate Haiti's coffee industry, and hopes its contribution makes a significant difference in improving the productivity of the agricultural sector.

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