Paul Magloire, Haiti's 35th president

Paul Magloire, Haiti's 35th president, was born in 1907, heir of a military father. He followed his father's career path, enlisting in the army and rising to Chief of Police in Port-au-Prince.


Paul Magloire played a pivotal role in overthrowing two Haitian presidents, Élie Lescot and his successor, Dumarsais Estimé. President Estimé, in a fruitless effort to draw out his time in office, attempted to amend the Constitution. The mulatto elite aided Magloire in deposing Estimé. Magloire then took the reins of power as President of Haiti.

During his term, Paul Magloire poured money into tourism, Haiti becoming known as a desirable vacation destination for foreign travelers. Imposing a tax on coffee-bean exports, he used the monies for development projects, raising living standards of the impoverished, as well as improving city services. Most notably, he gave the right-to-vote to women. In foreign policy, he forged stronger relations with the Dominican Republic, reversing the violent and unstable history they had shared in the past.

Magloire's approval rating declined in 1954 in the aftermath of Hurricane Hazel. The tropical storm flattened the country's infrastructure, and aid relief disappeared overnight, leaving the island scarred.

Social uprisings during his last two years in office embattled him, and controversy arose over his length of stay in office. Workers staged strikes and demonstrated in Port-au-Prince, calling for his resignation. Paul Magloire found sanctuary in the U.S.

When François Duvalier came to power, he divested Magloire of his citizenship. Two decades later, he re-entered the country, later serving as advisor to interim president, Henry Namphy.

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