Thiotte offers best Haitian Coffee

Residents in the town of Thiotte in the Arrondissement of Belle-Ense heavily rely on the town's booming coffee industry. Many residents here are coffee farmers who get support from an organization called Root Capital. Under its small-business model program COOPCAB, rural farmers work together in order to increase and ensure the quality production of coffee beans. Coffee farmers in Thiotte grow Arabica beans.


Rural farmers also receive around 100,000 coffee and tree seedings from COOPCAB and this supply allows them to maintain production. Not only that, COOPCAB also encourages Thiotte farmers to follow sustainable farming practices so that the production of coffee in the town remains strong and steady.

Aside from planting and harvesting, farmers are also taught financial management skills so as to enable them to boost their livelihood. Having such skills is important for coffee farmers, especially given the fact that the demand for coffee and other organic products is high. With rural farmers being able to plant and harvest their own coffee and knowing how to manage the business well, they can ensure the continuous flow of income.

Root Canal's COOPCAB has about 5,000 members. Even if only 1.5% of Thiotte's terrain is forested, the thriving coffee industry boosts the livelihood of residents. It was not always easy for rural coffee farmers as they have faced a lot of challenges as well. In 2004, a flood hit the city and destroyed crop and lands. However, they continue to strive and make sure that the coffee industry would not fall.

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