Daniel Fils-Aime, AKA Tonton Bicha, Comic Buffoon

Daniel Fils-Aimé, aka Tonton Bicha, was born in 1973 in the town of Cap-Haitien. As a boy, he joined Young Catholic Patriots Company where he developed his comedic timing. A handsome, young, and refined man of 32 offstage, he is a human cannonball onstage. His character, Tonton Bicha, is a 72 year-old farmer, who dresses in natty peasant attire, and sports white bushy eyebrows and a mustache.


He walks onstage spouting his trademark lines in Créole. A born clown, he is kinetic and juvenile, his jokes side-splitting. The audience's roaring laughter eggs him on with more ridiculous behavior that has people nearly falling out of their seats. In one bit, he strips down to his shorts and struts and poses like he is the sexiest man alive. He easily outshines other comedians on the bill. But it is hard to resent him when they are doubled-over with laughter.

During one show in Port-au-Prince, former Compás musician, Sweet Mickey, now Haitian President Michel Martelly joined him onstage to play a little. But Tonton Bicha easily upstaged him with his antics. Martelly though was a perfect foil, which doubled the fun for the audience, who laughed non-stop.

When asked about playing a senior citizen, Fils-Aimé answers burlesquing old people is the kind of comedy he does best. And why stop if the audience can't get enough of it?
Fils-Aimé's other pursuits include singing, acting, and public relations. He has made an indelible impression on Haitian entertainment, and will enjoy longevity in his career.

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