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Haitian Compas Festival - Wynwood, Miami Florida - 5/19/18

NOEL AND CECIBON PRODUCTIONS invite you to celebrate 20 years of The Haitian Compas Festival in Wynwood on Saturday, May 19, 2018. We are celebrating 20 years of music, 20 years of success, 20 years of culture.

The 2018's Haitian Compas Festival will have your favorite top Haitian bands and artists on one stage. VIP tickets include complimentary food & drinks from 5-8 PM!

The Talent Lineup:
Admirat T
Tabou Combo
Djakout #1
Nu Look
Kreyol La
Tony Mix
Power Mix
...and many more surprises!

Date and Time
Sat, May 19, 2018, 4:00 PM -
Sun, May 20, 2018, 2:00 AM

MANA Wynwood
318 NW 23rd ST
Miami, FL 33127

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Stephanie Villedrouin to Re-Shape the Image of Haiti

Minister of Tourism in Haiti, Stephanie Villedrouin, is on a whirl-wind tour of the U.S. and Canada in an effort to promote more tourism in Haiti. At the 14th Haitian Compas Festival in Miami, Florida, The Minister took the opportunity to showcase the Ministry of Tourism's (MOT) re-designed logo and tagline, emblazoned on T-shirts and sports caps, worn by the MOT representatives.

Accompanying Minister Stephanie Villedrouin was her Cabinet and the Regional Directors of MOT, who used iPads to show the tourist attractions being readied for an anticipated influx of tourism to Haiti. More promotional tools to motivate the festival-goers included banners displayed inside MOT tents, showing montages of Haiti travel destinations and landmarks. Between musical acts on stage, MOT displayed the new logo on a huge screen to a crowd numbering more than 20,000.

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Stephanie Villedrouin new Tourism logo in Haiti Haitian Compas Festival

Stephanie Villedrouin is the tourism minister of Haiti and has created a new logo and slogan for a promotional campaign just in time for the Haitian Compas Festival. She was really determined to change the reputation of Haiti's tourism industry. She felt people abroad do not know of Haiti's tourism. There was an international tour of promotion organized by 14th Haitian Compas Festival which was taking place in Miami. Stephanie thought of this tour as an opportunity to market tourism in Haiti.

She wanted to make people aware of the new slogan and new logo of the ministry of tourism. Minister Stephanie Villedrouin had T-shirts and caps written the new logo and slogan. She then looked for people to wear those T-shirts and caps in the festival. It was ironic that she showed out the logo and slogan before the official release on 1st June.

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Close to 300 Pictures of The Haitian Compas Festival

See close to 300 pictures of the 12th Annual Haitian Compas Festival in Miami. We were there to take some of the most interesting photos for you to see. The city of Miami took the date, May 15, 2010, to celebrate Haitian Flag day. Miami[bb] City lights, the warm breeze from the Miami Bayside ocean were all the things contributing to the atmosphere at the 12th Annual Haitian Compas Festival in Miami.

The echoes of sounds from main acts like Kreyol La, T-Vice, Djakout Mizik, CaRiMi, Barikad Crew, Nu Look, Jahnesta, Azor, Zenglen, Black Dada[bb] and Harmonik[bb] make the twelfth edition of the Haitian Compas Festival[bb] not only a custom, but a lasting ritual for the Haitian kompa. The the 12th Annual Haitian Compas Festival in Miami was fantastic.

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