Raúl Castro, Cuba will never abandon the Haitian people

Raul Castro, Cuba's current president, gave a speech on TV New Years' Day, also the 55th anniversary of Cuba's successful revolution. He declared Cuba would always remain committed to Haiti and its sovereignty from foreign rule. He referred to Haiti's establishment as a republic on January 4, 1804, and the beneficial effect it had on the Caribbean region, noting many Cubans are of Haitian descent.


Castro's speech drew a rousing response from the audience, who viewed his remarks as a veiled warning to the Dominican Republic (DR) Cuba sees the DR's High Court ruling of the disenfranchisement of Haitian descendents of illegal aliens living in the DR a threat to Haiti's stability.

Castro, in alliance with Haiti said, "Both nations have had to pay a high price for daring to confront the dominant empires", meaning Haiti may have to deal with the influx of 250,000 stateless Haitians, seeking to claim Haitian citizenship.

The DR has been resistant to CARICOM's overtures to settle the matter as quickly as possible. To force the issue, it has suspended the DR's membership, asking the nation to present a plan for regularization of Haitian citizens in 90 days. The DR's response has been to cancel a second round of talks with Haitian president, Michel Martelly.

DR President, Nicolas Maduro, critizes Venezuela for its support of Haiti's fight to stop the possible deportation of Haitians from the DR. He also lashed out at Cuba's support of Haiti's cause.

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Ricart says...

Cuba's veiled warnings is not going to change the Dominican's court ruling, which is irrevocable.

And where you see an alliance between Cuba and Haiti, I see something similar between the United States and the Dominican Republic.

CESFRONT attest to the latter.

With respect to CARICOM's indignation at the court ruling, perhaps that organization should explain why it requires visas from Haitians seeking to travel to Caribbean community countries, while such requirement is not made to any other member of

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