At least 12 Haitian women arrested in Dajabón for Prostitution

With the news out of Dajabón stating the eventual deportation of at least 12 women of Haitian heritage arrested in the Dominican Republic for prostitution, the question of prostitution in Haiti comes to mind. The women claim they crossed the border to support themselves and their families back in Haiti, and with their own market all but dominated by prostitutes from the Dominican Republic, this isn't a farfetched justification.


Since the 1940's Dominican prostitution rings, comprised of the fairer-skinned and longer-haired women from Dominica have cornered the market, especially in Petionville, often to the exclusion of Haitian prostitutes who face such poverty. Many turn to the profession because of the stark reality of a lack of money; many Haitians live on an allowance of less than one dollar a day. It is then no wonder that some have crossed the border into the Dominican Republic, seeking to earn some of the wealth there and filling the small gap made by the Dominican prostitutes who live and work in Haiti.

The arrest of the women took place as part of an operation in two parks in Dajabón and other public locations. The paperless women were picked up by Special Corps of Land Border Security (CESFRONT) members, under the leadership of Danis Minaya, Deputy Public Prosecutor. Some of the women, who were subsequently turned over to immigration and will be deported, claim they will be seeking reentry into the Dominican Republic after deportation through "other means", as they have no other means to a livelihood and families to support.

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