UN And Dominican Republic To Fight Human Trafficking from Haiti

Training will be provided to CESFRONT - The Dominican Special Corps for Border Security to identify human trafficking and offer protection to such victims. At the Dajabon border on October 5, 2012, a Haitian was prevented by the border guard of the Dominican from entering the Dominican Republic.


Signing Of The Pact

A pact was signed by the authorities in the Dominican Republic to train agents of a special group to focus on human trafficking. Agencies of the United Nations and military officials of the Dominican are teaming up to ensure security at the porous border of Haiti and the Dominican where human trafficking has proliferated.

The Minister of Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic signed an agreement with the UNHCR-the United Nations' High Commissioner of Refugees and UNICEF-The United Nations' Children's Fund

Training For Bolstering Protection At The Border

The meeting was for bolstering border protection with the main aim of protecting victims of human trafficking. Training will be provided to CESFRONT Dominican to spot such cases and provide immediate intervention.

For strengthening the mechanism of coordination amongst institutions of the government, armed forces and civil society, a team of trainers have been included in the cooperation.

Identifying And Protecting Victims

In a joint statement, the agencies stated, that it will help in identifying and protecting victims of transnational crimes and violation of human rights. It also states the UN considers trafficking and smuggling as serious fundamental right violation and a kind of modern slavery. However, human trafficking continues to remain a lucrative and common practice at the border, despite pledges made to crack it down.

Many suspects of networks have been arrested by authorities of the Dominican Republic for smuggling people into the country. Two smugglers from Haiti who had trafficked around twelve minors between ages 8 and 14, were convicted by authorities in June.

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