Senator Wencesclass Lambert Favors Voting Jean Renel Sanon Out

During a confidence hearing on 5 November, 2013, the Senator Wencesclass Lambert said, there are enough votes in the Senate to relieve Jean Renel Sanon from his duty as the Haitian Minister of Justice and Public Safety. On the same day, 18 out of 20 Senators signed a letter contemplating an interpellation of three ministers, David Bazile (Minister of Interior and Collective Territories), Pierre Richard Casimir (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Jean Renel Sanon (Minister of Justice and Public Safety).


Being a Minister of Justice and Public Safety of the country, Sanon exposed the incompetence and callousness of his own justice administration in an murder attempt of popular Journalist and Radio Host, Jean Monard Metellus, of Radio Caraibes. Metellus is a respected fair journalist and in some sense very critical of the Martelly administration.

The Honorable Minister of Justice and Public Safety released a press note in 'Sentinel' declaring his knowledge of the plot for murder. He had prior information about the location where the conspiracy was drafted, knowledge of the conspirators, amount ($10,000) paid to the assassins for the assignment and the information that the assassins would use two motorcycles, nuts to the rear tires of Metellus's SUV would be removed for staging a fatal accident.

The Journalist and Radio Host Metellus luckily escaped this murder attempt because when he started his vehicle for returning home from radio station it started shaking violently and he became aware that the vehicle had been sabotaged.

It is a shame that despite having prior information, the government could neither falter the plan nor arrest any person connected with the conspiracy.

Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime is confident that these three ministers will receive a vote of no confidence on November 5th in an extraordinary session on the day of discussing National Fund for Education bill and Electoral Law and they will be removed from their posts. There were four more ministers in the row of chopping block but some of the Senators were sympathetic in certain cases.

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