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Joseph Lambert and Wencesclas Lambert are now diplomats

The defeat of two Lambert brothers, Joseph and Wencesclas Lambert was little surprising to many, but it was more strange when the two brothers accepted the defeat quietly without challenging the published result. They were candidates from President Martelly's Tèt Kale Party (PHTK) banner in the second round of the last election from South-East Haiti.

The brothers are infamous for their stubborn commanding attitude. In February 2011, the U.S Drug Enforcement department hinted Joseph's involvement in the narcotic trade. On May 14, 2014, one businessman cum political activist from Jacmel had claimed that Joseph Lambert appointed 8 heavily armed men to kill him.

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Joseph ak Wencesclas Lambert kounye a diplomat apre defet yo

Defèt frè Lambert yo nan eleksyon ki sot pase a an Ayiti te yon sipriz pou anpil moun.

Sepandan, sa ki te plis etone se te ak kalm relatif ak fasilite ke tou de, Joseph Lambert ak Wincesclass Lambert, te aksepte defèt yo. Rezon ki fè sa te pwobableman paske yo te gen kèk garanti ke tout bagay ta vire soti bon. Kounye a li evidan bagay yo byen pou yo tou de. Nou apran ke de mesye sa yo kounye a fè pati diplomasi ayisyen an. Dapre yon sous ou fè konfyans , Joseph Lambert jwenn nominasyon nan tèt Anbasad ayisyen nan Santo Domingo. Wencesclas Lambert menm l 'la pral an chaj nan Konsila ayisyen an nan Il Tirk ak Kayiko. An tout ka, sa pa twò mal pou de kandida ki jis pèdi nan yon gro eleksyon. Sa a se yon konpansasyon jenere paske yo te jwè an ekip

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Joseph Lambert strategically placing himself to win

The Lambert brothers, Joseph and Wincesclass Lamber, were defeated in the last legislative election in Haiti. It will be strange not to hear a Lambert represent the Sud-Est. Joseph lambert attributed his lost to some 4,000 of his votes that were not counted in Cote-de-Fer. Even more surprising is the attitude adopted by Joseph Lambert to accept the election results and not to challenge the votes.

What should we make of this?

Why has a political animal such as Joseph Lambert decided to react that way?

What does he have under his sleeves?

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Senator Wencesclass Lambert issued a 15-day ultimatum to resign

Senator Wencesclass Lambert has officially thrown his hat into the ring with fellow Senator Edwin Zenny, issuing the announcement of his impending resignation. The 15-day ultimatum he issued is meant to follow in the footsteps of other G5 members Senators, Zenny, Jean Will Jean-Baptiste and Lucien Derex Pierre-Louis. Before this announcement, Senator Lambert had been one of the only two G5 Senators who had not made their positions known.

The move is in attempt, according to Senator Lambert, to meet the Executive halfway in fulfilling the call for the elections, which is highly anticipated and grossly overdue. The wish is to stop the creation of a lapse in the upper chamber to be caused by member of G6, Senators John Joel Joseph (West), Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime (Northeast), Westner Polycarpe (North, Jean-Charles Moise (North), Jean William Jeanty (Nippes), and Francky Exius (South), which would in turn impede the elections.

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Wencesclas Lambert di: Premye Minis Lamothe pap fe ron pot sanCensur Palman-an

Mezanmi, nou panse Kiz sa fini. Se pa vre di tou. Senate Wenceslas Lambert monte o Kreno pou li di ke Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe p ka kite post li san ke Palman Ayisyen-an pa ba li yon vot Censur.

Pou Senatè-a ki ape sipote Gouvenman-a, Premye Minis la Pa dwe fè yon Pa Kita, Yon Pa Nago san ke Palman-an pa prononce li

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe will not leave his post unless censure by the Parliament, said Senator Wenceslas Lambert

Problem an Ayiti pa janm piti

Ki sa nou panse?

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Wencesclass Lambert apologizes with warning to Daniel Theodore

Wencesclass Lambert, a Senator from South-East Haiti behaved like a street fighter when he punched Daniel Théodore twice on the face on March 9, 2014 at a political meeting in the town of Marigot. Daniel Théodore is a second year student of agronomy from the Public University of East Jacmel (LIPSEJ) and a delegate of MORACS who lost two teeth on this aggressive assault. The incident occurred before many attendees of the meeting. Following the altercation, when the Senator was asked by the press whether the student threatened his security or deserved an apology, her said it was he who deserves an apology from the citizen. The whole country knows how he has disrespected someone at his stature. If someone behaves like this to a self respected person like him, it is nothing wrong to lose nerve and give two well deserved knocks on the face.

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Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras remains in Post

The President of the Senate has kept his leadership on the Senate. The office of the Senate was renewed based on a resolution passed by the Senators.

The resolution allowed the office of the Senate of the Republic to be renewed in its its entirety for one more year

However there were some recommendations coming mainly from the Senators supporting the government of Michel Martelly. They wish that President of the Senate, Simon Dieuseul Desras, demonstrate greater restraint in his public speeches in the future

Here are the comments from Wencessclas Lambert and others

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Senate Wencesclas Lambert Pa konn Li oubyen Li Li Tet Anba

While most Haitian Senators did not see a big deal with the letter Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras addressed to the Chilean government recently, Senator Wencesclas Lambert did not see it that way. According to Wencesclas Lambert, Simon Dieuseul Desras clearly calls for foreign troops to overthrow a legitimate government.

Simon Dieuseul Desras ask for Coup d'Etat according to Wencesclas Lambert

According to Wencesclas, this is:
- "High treason"
- "Crime of lese Fatherland"
- "Senator Desras should be removed from office"

Senatè Simon Dieuseul Desras panse oubyen Senatè Wencesclas Lambert Pa konn Li oubyen Li Li tèt La Tet Anba

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Senator Wencesclass Lambert Favors Voting Jean Renel Sanon Out

During a confidence hearing on 5 November, 2013, the Senator Wencesclass Lambert said, there are enough votes in the Senate to relieve Jean Renel Sanon from his duty as the Haitian Minister of Justice and Public Safety. On the same day, 18 out of 20 Senators signed a letter contemplating an interpellation of three ministers, David Bazile (Minister of Interior and Collective Territories), Pierre Richard Casimir (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Jean Renel Sanon (Minister of Justice and Public Safety).

Being a Minister of Justice and Public Safety of the country, Sanon exposed the incompetence and callousness of his own justice administration in an murder attempt of popular Journalist and Radio Host, Jean Monard Metellus, of Radio Caraibes. Metellus is a respected fair journalist and in some sense very critical of the Martelly administration.

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