Breaking News - Jacques Ketant in Haiti with over 50 Deported

We just learned from Radio Vision 200 that Mr. Jacques Ketant just arrived in Haiti today, August 18, 2018. According to Mr. Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000, Jacques ketant arrived at Toussaint Louverture Airport via an airplane and was among over 50 deported Haitians from the United States.


According to sources close to us, upon his arrival in Haiti, Ketant was taken to Haiti National Police to be fingerprinted and photographed as a normal procedure conducted to all Haitians returned as a result of deportation. He was then released to some family members.

Upon his arrival, Ketant was immediately taken into custody by the Haitian National Police and then released after a relative took responsibility for him. Before leaving the police station, Ketant was fingerprinted and photographed, according to procedure.

Jacques Ketant is now a free man, living in Haiti

At this point we are looking for more information on this Breaking news and will keep you updated as we receive new information

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Shime Leroy says...

coeur gain de noune sote enfin nouap suivre ca qui pral

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Subject: Breaking News - Jacques Ketant in Haiti with over 50 Deported edit

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