self-deportation works in Dominican Republic against Haitians

DR's Threat of Deportations causes Self-Deportations of Haitian Migrants


The Dominican Republic (DR), who has started to cave from the pressure put on it by the international community on the matter of mass deportations, has no plans to follow through on its ethnic cleansing of Haitian migrants and their descendants, born in the DR. But the explicit threat of deportations has caused thousands of Haitian illegals to leave the country and cross over to Haiti.

Since the expiration date of June 17th passed, and Haitian migrants can no longer apply for citizenship status, fear and anxiety dog their every waking moment. Although the DR seems to be complying with international law regarding mass deportations, it has managed to effect self-deportations under threats. They accomplished this by saying they would forcibly remove migrants, displaying buses dedicated to moving them out of the country.

A harsh ruling by the DR Supreme Court in 2013 stripped migrants of citizenship, which extended to their Dominican-born descendants. The SC considers migrants, many of whom had dwelled in the DR for decades, transients. The automatic birthright of their children has been denied also, in defiance of international statues.

All it took was the DR's craftiness in deporting 40,000 migrants across the border in recent weeks to strike terror in the hearts of migrants still in the DR, many of whom are considering self-deporting.

Republicans in the U.S. have warmed to the idea of self-deportation to solve its immigration problem, but it is considered laughable by many.

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Ricart says...

We Dominicans do not need Haitian criminals and terrorists in our country; we already have enough problems of our own without Haitians savages adding to it:

Haitians Throw Stones At Dominican Lieutenant And His Children.

Source: Listin Diario

Haitians Throw Stones At Dominican Lieutenant And His Children.

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