Will Laurent Lamothe receive Discharge from Senate to run in Next Election?

President Michel Martelly as well as Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe have been busy, traveling the country. They are often met with fans, people who have approved their job performance so far. Many in the general public believe that the Martelly-Lamothe team is in a campaign mode and actually running their campagn for the next general election,while the campaign season is not officially open


If that is the case, would you say that this is not fair to the opposition who can not campaign until then?

The Martelly-Lamothe may have the advantage at this time, however, it may not hold for long. Just think for a moment that Laurent Lamothe is the chosen person for Martelly, the one that Michel Martelly will support in the next election to replace him.

Laurent Lamothe would need discharge by the Senate before he can run for Presidency

With the Haitian Senate made of Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime (North East), Jean-Charles Moïse (North), Francky Exius (South), Westner Polycarpe (North), John Joël Joseph (West) and Jean William Jeanty (Nippes) who made the G6, how will he manage to receive this Discharge?

Something to think about.

Pawol Pale, Pawol Kompran..

Mezanmi, mwin ouè ekip Martelly-Lamorthe la popilè anpil!. Kote yo ale nan payi-a, se yon foul moun ki recevwa yo.

Pandan ke gin moun ki di se kampagn yo ki komanse, pandan ke lot moun ki nan opozisyon-an paka fè kampagn jiskas ke Gouvenman deklare yo ka fè sa.

Min se yon sel bagay, Mwin pa divinò, min mwin ouè anpil dange oui kape vini.

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Raymond Lafontant Jr says...

not just the senate ...

It should be a commission of the parliament formed with members of the chamber and the senate.

Very complicated ...

the chamber is out waiting

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Monthas says...

Once come January the senate will loose there power without election, thus marteley will be given emergency powers of two years to organized elections, the six will loose if they continue to hold the country

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Subject: Will Laurent Lamothe receive Discharge from Senate to run in Next Election? edit

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