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Public Document Management Modernization, Haiti National Archives (ANH)

Haiti's Ministry of Planning hosted the 15th Thursdays of the Public Governance Conference on May 12, 2013. This year's theme, "Public Management and Good Governance: Modernization of Public-Document Management" dealt with updating Haiti's antiquated system of document management.

Content Management Specialist, Maude Doyon, was the main presenter. She emphasized the necessity of archiving public records, and providing a regulatory and legal framework to manage storage and retrieval of them. The purpose of the archive, she explained, would be sharing of archival material accessed through a content management system (CMS) from a central repository.

Document Archivist and Director of Haiti National Archives (HNA), Jean Bélizaire, spoke next. He gave an overview of Haiti's archival system and said the 2010 earthquake had worsened an already out-of-date manual archival system, which lacks inter-departmental uniformity.

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Archives Nationales d'Haiti

Today, there are thousands of Haitians that have settled and built their homes, families, and businesses in other countries. For the past years, it has always been troublesome for these Haitians abroad in attaining many of their personal documents from Haiti since the country lacked properly-organized archives of its citizens' government-issued documents.

To address this long-standing issue, the Haitian government officially established the National Archives of Haiti last May in order to improve the process and service of delivery and extraction of archived documents to Haitians living abroad. This proclamation was done in the presence of President Michel Martelly, the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad Daniel Torment, the Minister of Culture Jean-Gardy Ady, and a few CEOs and owners of businesses in Haiti including Ministère des Haïtiens Vivant à l'Etranger or MHAVE's Joseph Augustin Leprince and its several employees.

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