Minustah and Haitian Police now provide security to Dominican trucks now

The business of providing goods to Haiti must not stop for any reason. The Observer just learned that members of the United Nations Mission for Stability in Haiti (Minustah) and the Haitian police are now escorting some some of the Dominican trucks entering Haiti to deliver merchandises to insure their security.


Mr. Blas Peralta who is the president of the National Federation of Dominican Transportation reported that a guarded route has been established where the Dominican trucks will enter Haiti from Jimani to the town of Kwadebouke and Haiti International Airport

The power of the economy:
This is interesting to observe. No major decisions have been made by any of the two government until there are some economic consequences. As you can see once the problem starts affecting some deep pockets, a solution to the crises is found, not when a poor Haitian was hanged.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

MINUSTAH ak Polis ayisyen kounye a bay kamyon Dominikèn sekirite

Biznis pou bay machandiz Ayiti pa dwe sispann pou nenpòt rezon.

Nou aprann ke MINUSTAH ak lapolis ayisyen ape eskòte kèk kèk nan kamyon Dominikèn yo kap antre an Ayiti pou delivre machandiz

Gen yon wout yo etabli kote kamyon Dominikèn antre Ayiti nan Jimani pou rive nan Kwadebouke ak Ayewopò Entènasyonal

Pa te gen gwo desizyon ki te pran lè yon ayisyen pòv te pann.

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Subject: Minustah and Haitian Police now provide security to Dominican trucks now edit

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