Haiti keeps fingers crossed as Repatriation moves forward in the Dominican Republic

Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Pierre Brutus of Haiti, and Andres Navarro of the Dominican Republic (DR), held a meeting in Santo Domingo on several issues, among them the migration problem. The National Plan for Regularization of Foreigners (PNRE) has sought to resolve the problem of Haitian descendants of immigrants born in the DR to achieve legal status after the High Court in a controversial decision voted to deport over 250,000 Haitians.


After protest from the international community the DR developed PNRE to regularize the threatened population. In the 18 months PNRE has been in effect, in excess of 175,000 applications for repatriations have been filed. By the June 17th expiration date it is expected applications will top 200,000. But Deputy Minister of Immigration and Naturalization, Luis Fernandez, says it ". . . does not mean that all applicants will be legalized . . ."

So far 3,000 cases have been reviewed. Of that number 500 have been approved and will receive regularization cards. Among criteria necessary to fulfill Decree Law 169-14 for repatriation is proof applicants have lived in the DR before November 19, 2011. After June the DR will invoke ". . . the Dominican Constitution . . . laws, and protocols . . . to . . . "if necessary" perform repatriations." It seems up to the DR at what point they will cease approving immigrant applications, and negotiating the issue could conceivably drag on for years.

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Subject: Haiti keeps fingers crossed as Repatriation moves forward in the Dominican Republic edit

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