OAS recommends more dialogue between Dominicans and Haitians

If you expected the technical mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) to come hard on the Dominicans for the way in which they treat our Haitian brothers or Dominicans of Haitian descent, you will not be happy with their recommendations. More dialogues it is.


As you may know, a technical mission of the OAS was formed to look into the current immigration problem between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. After visiting both countries and talking to officials as well as some of the victims of the massive deportation at the border, the team concluded that the only solution to the matter is more dialogue between Haiti and the Dominican republic.

Here are the specific recommendations made by the mission:

"Facilitate dialogue between the two countries, including that a meeting between the two countries be organized for the most suitable location accepted by both sides."

"That the OAS facilitate dialogue with the two countries, to find avenues for solving to the current problems."

"Establish a mechanism for understanding, based on international standards, for the transfer of people between the two countries."

"Use the OAS' good offices to strengthen the registration processes that are underway, especially support for the Programme d'Identification et de Documentation des Immigrants Haitiens, through the OAS' Universal Civil Identity in the Americas Program (PUICA)."

"Ask the national authorities and the international community to seek mechanisms to help the displaced persons, especially the most vulnerable ones."

In conclusion, to repeat what "Paster Blaze would sat to his followers:
" If you are praying and nothing happen, you just have to continue to pray"

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