Michèle Bennett tells Marc Antoine Acra to stop vomit on Duvalier

The former First Lady of Haiti, Michele Bennett Duvalier, is back in the public scene. After more than 30 year living quietly, she has decided to come out in defense of the family reputation.


In an open letter, Michele Bennett Duvalier has decided to make some corrections on a statement recently made by businessman Marc Antoine Acra.

The new Government Commissioner, Jean Danton Léger, recently made the decision to impose a travel ban on Marc Antoine Acra following the scandal where a boat from his company NABATCO "Manzanares" containing a cargo of drugs from Colombia was seized. Subsequently, Marc Anthoine Acra went on to say that:"" .......... a Government Commissioner set up a transitional government advocating transparency and justice acts as the time of the totalitarian regime of Duvalier asking arbitrary acts, anarchic and totally illegal. "

Michel Bennett did not waste any time to do some fact checking and compare notes with Marc Antoine Acra. First she gave him a friendly advise which is to develop a different strategy than the insults and attacks on the honesty, probity, and honor of Commissioner Jean Danton Léger.

In addition, Michel Bennett who now considers the businessman to be vomiting on Duvalier, wanted to remind Marc Antoine Acra that the Duvaliers were not always bad to his family and in fact the two families were quite close.

The following is a list of questions and tips the former First Lady is hoping would help Mr. Marc Antoine Acra as she stated :" I should make you a little call to order":

"Marc Antoine, have you not stayed many summer times in my home (in Cannes and St Tropez) with my 4 children, Alix and Sacha Pasquet, Nicolas and Anya Duvalier?"

"Were we no longer people you wanted to associate with since we were no longer in power?"

"It did not embarrass you either to be in their company and to take advantage of the relationship with my son at the university in Boston, the French Riviera, and Paris?"

"Marc Antoine, now, I would go back in time, before you were born and you do a wakeup call! Your grandparents and your father, your uncles, all Enjoy largesse Duvalier Father and son !! Long before I was First Lady of this country!"

"As I know, the Acra family never had to suffer under the regime of Duvalier two! Quite the contrary! You were regarded as privileged, big Duvalierists! You had the monopoly (among other things) uniform FADH and the Volunteers of National Security."

"How many times have I crossed your father Tony, a hard worker, in the corridors of the National Palace when he went every day in the offices of his great friend the General Gracia Jacques?"

"How many times did I meet your parents at my parent's home in Peguy Ville? Or at our private nights at Villa d'Accueil where President JC Duvalier and I were delighted to receive them! "

"And I prefer to stop because the list is too long! "

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Subject: Michele Bennett tells Marc Antoine Acra to stop vomit on Duvalier edit

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