How To Survive An Earthquake

An earthquake is a destructive disaster that can wreak havoc in a community.


An earthquake is a destructive disaster that can wreak havoc in a community. Many people have died in earthquakes, which can also trigger a tsunami. It is scary and almost every person is afraid of it. Though it is unlikely to prevent an earthquake from happening, there are ways to protect yourself during tremors. Here are some tips on surviving an earthquake.

First and foremost, you have to look for a place to hide. Find a sturdy furniture and duck under it. Cover your head and hold on to something steady until the tremors stopped. One thing to remember is never stay in areas where objects can fall to you.

When the earthquake hits when you are cooking, don't forget to turn off the gas and run for cover. If you are on the car, slowly pull over an area that you believe is safe enough and stay inside the vehicle.

Don't park under bridges, electric poles, trees, huge signs and other structures that can collapse and land on you. Avoid the beach too when there is an earthquake because it can trigger a tsunami.

Earthquakes subsides after several minutes but don't get out of your hiding place just yet because there aftershocks are possible. And in some cases, aftershocks are stronger than the earthquake itself.

The main thing to remember when an earthquake hits is that buildings and structures can crack and fall down. This is why you have to hide in a place where you will be safe even if there are collapsing objects around you.

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