Rene Preval says Edmond Mulet tried to remove him before term

In a new twist to Haitian politics, former President Rene Preval claimed that United Nations attempted to remove him from the post of the head of state before his term was over. He said that the previous head of UN mission in Haiti called his and said that because of the political problems, he must give up the post of the President. Preval said that he received the call in November 2010 on the day of internationally sponsored elections.


Rene Preval claims that Edmond Mulet who was heading the MINUSTAH, called him and said that because of the political problems, he must be evacuated by a plane. To this, Preval replied by saying that he Edmond Mulet must bring the plane to his palace and handcuff him and evacuate so that people can see that their president was being kidnapped.

UN has been operating in Haiti for 9 years and in 2010, it sponsored the election along with several donors with an aim of promoting democracy and for promoting Human Rights and Haitian Institution. The international donors to the election included Canada and United States. This internationally sponsored election came after 10 months from the date of devastating earthquake that forced millions of Haitians to move into refugee camps.

At that time, it was mentioned by Rene Preval that the election was actually necessary to rebuild the political stability of the nation. Because of the perceived inaction of Preval, the civil unrest in the country was increasing and that the conditions were worsened by the cholera outbreak and there was a widespread belief that UN peacekeeping members from Nepal brought the disease with them. The first phase of the sponsored election was shrouded in rioting and fraud and 12 out of the 18 Presidential candidates denounced the fraud that was arranged by the Inite (Unity) Party of Preval. When Edmond Mulet was asked about the allegation, he said that he never said those things to Rene Preval and neither did Preval give any such answer. Mulet said that neither did he have the power nor did he have the interest to put Preval on a plane.

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