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Martelly-Lamothe Government in War against Corruption

The Martelly-Lamothe government of Haiti seems to be all geared up against corruption. The government has openly declared war against corruption with the Unit for Combating Corruption (ULCC) already pursuing white collared criminals. The unit has arrested several fraudsters and put them in front of the court of law for justice. The government has made it clear that it will fight corruption on all fronts under all circumstances to ensure that the people of Haiti get their rights and that a bright future for the future generation can be secured.

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After Slave Revolution, Haiti now needs Business Revolution

Haiti is today standing at the crossroads. One path leads to complete humiliation and dependence on foreign countries and the other is of economic independence and sustainable growth. Several factors will together determine the fate of Haiti in the long run. Let us take a quick look at the aspects that can lead to development of Haitian economy.

• Haiti requires entrepreneurial revolution and for that the first step will be to build roads, improve electrical grids and develop other national infrastructure. Simultaneously, Haitians should be trained to maintain these new developments. Once the infrastructure is developed, the path for private investment opens up. This basic framework development is possible only with foreign aid. Haitian government on the other hand has to work closely with foreign investors and accept strict foreign vigilance at initial stages and prove that it is capable of managing FDI with minimum impact of corruption. The strict vigilance will gradually decrease and the government will have more flexibility to manage FDI that suits Haiti's needs.

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Universite Publique - Sud Au Cayes

Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes or Public University of South Cayes, popularly known as UPSAC was founded by the Haitian government in the year 1999. It was an act of decentralizing Haiti's public higher education. Thus, the mission of Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes is to train researchers, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals in Department of the South. As of date, the university or UPSAC has nearly 1,500 students who are spread across three different sectors that include legal sciences, administrative sciences and education sciences.

These localized formation provinces are keenly supported by the Republic of Haiti's Directorate of Higher Education so that higher education can be made accessible to the majority of the graduates while the congestion in the faculties at Port-au-Prince can be reduced. The Universite Publique du Sud Au Cayes is the member of Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie network and the UPSAC is supposed to be equipped by the PENDHA (Education Plan Digital Remote for Higher Education and Research in Haiti) project, a digital space for better educational facilities.

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Leslie Manigat - educator and professor

Leslie Francois Saint Roc Manigat was the full name of Leslie Manigat and he was born on August 16th 1930 in Port-au-Prince. He was an educator and a professor of world history and worked at the I'Universite' de Paris- VIII Vincennes.

An Academician

Leslie Manigat published articles in many Haitian newspapers. Even though his interest was in the field of education, he had a stint in the political stage of Haiti. He contested for the post of the President along with ten other candidates.

This election which was held on January 17th 1988 was a military held election and it was completely under their control. Leslie Manigat won with 50.29% of votes but the voter turnout was very poor, less than 10%. The military controlled election must have been the reason for the poor turnout.

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Universite de Port-au-Prince

University of Port-au-Prince or Universite de Port-au-Prince was established as l'Institut de Gestion et de Comptabilite or Institute of Management and Accounting in the year 1983. The university was created by a team of researchers and university professors with the aim to reach out to those graduates who wish to continue higher studies. As of date, the university has 5,000 students who are receiving education in the following faculties and institutes:
• Faculty of Juridical Sciences.
• Faculty of Administrative Sciences.
• Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
• Faculty of Economics.
• Institute of Political Sciences.
• Faculty of Computer Science.

Universite de Port-au-Prince is driven by development and in its 24 years of operation, the university has worked towards the development of Haitian human resources and at the same time, it has promoted Haiti's social, cultural, political and economic development. The university has addressed the strategies for the development of Haitian Rights as a subject of the nation's sustainable development while ensuring that its cultural dimensions are integrated properly.

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University of the Nouvelle Grand'Anse

University of the Nouvelle Grand'Anse or UNOGA consists of three parts mission - Teaching, Research and Service. Teaching mission involves educating the students of the university and then providing continuous education to them. Research mission is about pursuing scientific as well as technological research while the Service mission concentrates on dissemination of technological, scientific and cultural information as well as participating in different regional development programs.

The University of the Nouvelle Grand'Anse has its accreditation by government of Haiti pending because of a few pending documents but the university has received a legal status and the diplomas received by the graduates of the university now have more value than before.

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Haitian born neurologist, playwrighter, poet and novelist Jean Metellus

Jean Metellus is a Haitian born neurologist, a playwright, a poet and novelist. He was born in Jacmel, Haiti on April 30, 1937. He completed his education in Republic of Haiti and later became a teacher. He escaped Duvalier's dictatorship by fleeing to Paris in 1959. In Paris he studied medicine and linguistics and obtained specialization in neurology. Jean was a gifted poet by birth and wrote several poems. He sent his poems to ethnologist Michel Leiris who then advised him to send his poemes to Maurice Nadeau who as Les Lettres Nouvelles editor. Jean also sent his poems to Jean-Paul Sartre. Jean Metellus' poems were published by Maurice Nadeau in Les Lettres Nouvelles and by Jean-Paul Sarte in Les Temps Modernes. Both these publications were made in July 1969.

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The Argument for Professional Haitian Creole Translators

Haitian Creole Translation

Like any other languages, Haitian Creole is not something that you can teach or translate easily. It would take a professional to translate such language efficiently. Just because it is derived from the French language does not necessarily mean that a French person can successfully translate it. Keep in mind that Haitian Creole and French have a lot of differences. Though Haitian Creole draws a huge influence from the French language, it also has touches of Native American, West African, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic languages. With this, the only one who can accurately translate it is a professional Haitian Creole translator.

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Mombin-Crochu and Living condition

Many people in the town of Mombin-Crochu in the Vallieres Arrondissement live in poverty. Residents do not have the luxury of living a very comfortable life, as Mombin-Crochu is one of the poor towns in the country. In fact, children are forced to walk barefoot because they do not have money to buy slippers. They also walk just to go to school because only a few have access to donkeys, which are the main transportation in the town.

When it comes to utilities, residents in Mombin-Crochu have to go by without a regular supply of water and electricity because they could not afford it. In order to make fuel and cook, they use charcoal and wood fire.

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Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, Jean Lionel Pressoir

The 2012 Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year went to Jean Lionel Pressoir. Mr. Pressoir is the current CEO of Lojistik SA Haiti Tours. The company Lojistik SA, was founded in 2004 and provides transportation for visitors. He is also radio host in Port-au-Prince. Jean Lionel Pressoir co-hosts the program Vision-Destination aired on Vision 2000.

The Digicel Entrepreneur of the year for 2012 was held on Tuesday, December 18 at the Hotel Karibe in Port-au-Prince. This year, the theme was "Building for our next". Mr. Jean Lionel Pressoir was the grand winner this year. He won in several categories such as education, tourism and culture.

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