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Nesmy Manigat Appointed President of Global Partnership for Education

As per the news report dated February 19, 2016, Nesmy Manigat, the Minister of National Education has been appointed as the President of the Governance, Ethics, Risk and Finance Committee of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). Within the ambit of GPE, the Governance, Ethics, Risk and Finance (GERF) Committee serves the following purposes. (a) GERF has the power to make decisions on the maintenance of ethics and avoid conflicts of interests. (b) It oversees the risk management framework and implements measures to prevent fraud, corruption and other misuse of GPE resources, including recommending actions and remedial measures. (c) Management of GPR resources for optimal use.

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School of Agriculture of Dondon (Ecole Moyenne d'Agriculture de Dondon - EMAD)

As per news dated April 18, 2016, Peter F. Mulrean, the U.S Ambassador to Haiti, visited the Agricultural School of Dondon to inaugurate the same which was closed for more than last 35 years. This school located in agro-ecological zones of Dondon (North Department), has been reopened with technical and financial support from the US government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

During the inauguration, Pierre Guito Laurore, the Minister of Agriculture and Emile Joseph, the Mayor of Dondon, were present among other important personalities to witness the ceremony. The campus of the School of Agriculture of Dondon (in French École Moyenne d'Agriculture de Dondon - EMAD) has been set up as an agricultural training center based on the methodology "Learning by Doing" , where 18 agro-trainers, as per their contracts, will give lessons on planning, gardening, agricultural production, agricultural mechanization, mapping, natural resource management, soil conservation, composting, group management, agricultural popularization service, rearing chickens and food processing. The trainers will work with the farmers to permanently boost domestic production with the ultimate object to reduce imports. Under the program, 38 young local students with ages between 18 and 35, will receive 2- year training and with their learned techniques and practices, they would contribute towards the development of the northern region of Haiti. There will be an option for third year internship opportunities to the students in local agricultural enterprises to complete their technical training in the field. During the occasion, the U.S Ambassador Peter F. Mulrean expressed the commitment of the American people to stand alongside the Haitian people to help them achieve a substantial improvement in their quality of life. One of the goals of the project is to support community-based development projects, serving local food security needs.

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Construction of new Ministry of Education has began

Tuesday at the Marriott Hotel, in the presence of several dignitaries, President Michel Martelly proceeded to announce the beginning of construction project of the new Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP). The new building will have an area of 8,000m2 on 4 levels, with a capacity for more than a thousand people. In addition, it will be equipped with a large conference room, an amphitheater, cafeteria, modern offices and large parking capable of holding over 80 vehicles. The President took the occasion to called on the next Parliament to vote the FNE Act (National Fund for Education) to enable Haiti education system to have the means necessary to function properly.

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About 5,000 public employees in Haiti can't either read or write

Have you ever wondered while we are often confronted with attitudes, passivity or resistance when we go to ask for government services in Haiti? It's simple, the public employees are incompetent in the position held. A good number of them don't have a clue what you are talking about or if they do know what you want, are unable to help.

According to Jean Wilberson Timothee, Secretary of State for literacy in Haiti, close to 5,000 public employees in Haiti can't either read or write.

I wouldn't be surprise if some of these employees are managers

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Winning logo for "Nou Tout Sanble, menm le nou diferan" contest

The big winner for the logo contest "Nou Tout Sanble, menm lè nou diferan" was Neyssa T. Demorcy, a 17 year old studdent at Institution du Sacré-c"ur de Turgeau. She was declared winner as her logo was determined to be better over 5 others in inculpating the values of respect, dialogue, learn to live together and the quest for excellence among the youth. This campaign began in Octobrer, 2015 and the Logo contest of "Nou Tout Sanble, menm lè nou diferan" is part of of an initiative with the objective to adopt a visual identity for the campaign. There will be other campaigns in the coming days such as music, litterature, DJ that will be part of the activities for the 2015-2016 school year.

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Tande, 55% nan elev an Ayiti bwe alkol, 23% pran dwog

Elèv lekòl an Ayiti yo dekouvri ke dwòg se solisyon an pou anpil nan pwoblèm yo epi yo de pli zan pli repoze sou li. Dapre yon etid ki te fèt nan 2014, yon majorite nan timoun lekòl ap itilize dwòg. Etid la te jwenn ke 55 pousan nan yo bwè alkòl regilyèman, pandan ke 23 pousan nan dwòg lou. Komisyon nasyonal kont dwòg (CONALD) dènyèman te kòmanse yon kanpay sansibilizasyon kont konsomasyon dwòg nan mitan timoun lekòl an Ayiti. Kanpay sa finanse sitou pa gouvènman ayisyen an ki gen kòm objektif pou angaje nan yon seri aktivite kiltirèl ak espò pou yo pote mesaj lan dirèkteman ba yo

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Haitian writer Kettly Mars received Prix Ivoire of African Literature 2015

Last Saturday in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), a jury awarded the Prix Ivoire for African Francophone literature to the Haitian writer Kettly Mars for her novel "Je suis vivant". Kettly Mars wrote a number of volumes of poems and short stories such as Kasalé, Vents d'Ailleurs in 2003, L'heure hybride, Vents d'Ailleurs in 2005, Fado, Mercure de France in 2008, Saisons sauvages, Mercure de France in 2010, Le prince noir de Lillian Russell, with Leslie Péan, Mercure de France in 2011 and Aux Frontières de la soif, Mercure de France in 2013.

Kettly Mars Feminist Author. Haitian poet/author, Kettly Mars, began life in Port-au-Prince. In college she majored in language. She did not start her career as a writer until thirty five, producing both poetry and short novels.

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Kettly Mars, Haitian poet and novelist

Kettly Mars (September 3, 1958, Port-au-Prince) is a bold Haitian poet and novelist, writes in French. Her books have been translated in English, Dutch, Italian, Danish and Japanese languages. She studied classical language and spent first twenty-five years of her career in office administrative jobs. Her evocative style of writing offers fresh insights on contemporary realities and a clear exposure of Haitian society. Although the themes of her works are set on Haiti but they have a universal approach with their diversified classes, cultures, genders, human race, spirituality, power and violence. Her first published writings were erotically charged poems from which she moved far in her later works. However, the clarity and honesty with which she approaches the sensitive and erotic side of human body and mind has remained unchanged in her later matured works. She proceeded to write with a new style since 1996 and got her first reward by winning the Jacques-Stephen Alexis contest. Her important works are: Un parfum d'encens (1999), Kasale (first novel, 2003), L'heure hybride (2005), Fado (2008), Saisons sauvages (2010), Le prince noir de Lillian Russell, with Leslie Péan (2011), Aux Frontières de la soif (2013). On November 21, 2015, she has been honored with the "Prix Ivoire Award" by the jury for African Francophone Literature in French for her novel "Je suis vivant (I am alive)" published in April 2015.

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A National Pact for Quality Education in Haiti

National Pact for Quality Education Online. Nesmy Manigat, National Education and Vocational Training Minister, collected 2,000 signatures to organize support for National Pact for Quality Education.

Commitments from media, human rights groups, teachers unions, and other members of civic society bring to fruition the work of many to begin overhauling the education system.

Manigat directed ". . . all stakeholders and citizens they can now (go) online . . . " to view ". . . the 7 main commitments of the Pact . . ."

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Lycee Alexandre Petion, now a modern institution in Haiti

On Tuesday, October 8, 2015 the Lycée Alexandre Pétion become functional once again. This old Haitian Institution that was built in 1818 by Alexandre petion was almost destroyed during the 2010 earthquake. This Thursday however marked a new chapter as a new and modern building was inaugurated. Please see the picture gallery below.

Many important Haitian personalities and authorities were present at the ceremony of inauguration in Bel-Air. Among those who went on stage to talk about the contribution of Lycée Alexandre Pétion to the Haitian society, were: President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Evans paul, Director Nicolas Mathurin, Education Minister Nesmy Manigat, former President Boniface Alexandre, Ady Jean Gardy and Mr. Yves Germain.

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