New Poultry Policy to be in effect between Haiti and Dominican Republic

Coming out of the recent ban on all poultry products from the Dominican Republic, the Veterinary Services of Haiti and its nearest neighbor met in a technical meeting held on June 19, 2012 to discuss the issues and come up with feasible solutions.


The results were that the ban on poultry would be lifted, allowing the critical trade from the Dominican Republic to continue, under certain restrictions. First, a committee of experts from the two countries, aided by outside organizations, will convene to create a protocol in regards to the treatment of the trade in light of the avian flu, which had been the cause of the ban initially.

The Republic must furnish the veterinary services of Haiti with a list of farms that are determined to not contain the flu and must meet the OIE Health code requirements for Terrestrial Animals. Also necessary in the healthy trading of poultry products is the adherence of Haitian importers to the impending regulations. These people or entities will have to give proof of their ability to move and store their goods to the given standards, and they must be issued a permit from the government for each instance of importation.

Thus, only companies certified by the Haitian Republic will be able to export these products to Haiti. Their compliance will be continuous and the standards must be met before a permit is issued. The veterinary services of both countries also wish to give technical support to potential investors in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic who wish to develop or broaden the poultry industry in Haiti.

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Subject: New Poultry Policy to be in effect between Haiti and Dominican Republic edit

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