Chicken and egg war - Haiti Dominican Republic triggered by H5N2 or bird flu

Dominican Republic and Haiti are located on the same island which has a long and troubled history. For centuries people in the two countries have shared common history and shared their cultures but now, the borders of the two countries are all heated up because of chickens! On 6th of June Haiti refused to import agricultural products from Dominican Republic. This event coincided with the DR's deportation of immigrants from Haiti on a large scale.


On either sides of the border the protests have increased to significant scale as a result of which, the foreign ministers of both Dominican Republic and Haiti have failed to reach an agreement. Activities of product and people crossing borders have completed stopped in two borders out of total four shared by the two countries. Even binational markets that used to operate daily have completely stopped operations.

Dominican Association of Merchants' president Freddy Morillo for Dabajon town stated that person or product, nothing goes through the border. Responding to the import bad from Haiti, Morillow spearheaded a strike on Monday, 9 June, 2013. At the same time, Haitian town Ouanamithe's association of merchants also called off all trading with the neighbouring country. Malpasse in Haiti and Jimani in Dominican Republic also reacted the same way.

The conflict started because Haiti refused to import chickens, cold cuts and eggs from Dominican Republic on the grounds of prevention of bird flu or H5N2. Dominican Republic's Health Minister Freddy Hidalgo replied to this ban stating that the country is not aware of the sources from which the Haitian govt. gets these kinds of news as Dominican Republic has not seen a single case of H5N2 but rather 8 cases of A flu or H1N1 have surfaced in Dominican Republic.

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Subject: Chicken and egg war - Haiti Dominican Republic triggered by H5N2 or bird flu edit

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