Duly Brutus Handed Resignation To Run For President Of Haiti

Duly Brutus, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has handed his letter of resignation to the Prime Minister Evans Paul, as he has decided to contest as a candidate for the Presidency in the forthcoming elections of 25 October, 2015.


Minister Brutus, recently in the last month (March 2015), had successfully led the resumption of the Joint Bilateral Commission (CMB) with the Dominican Republic to address issues of vital importance, such as, the strengthening of diplomatic relations and the development of relations between the two neighboring countries on matters relating to security, agriculture, investments and migration. He replaced his predecessor Pierre Richard Casimir on April 3, 2014. From the day of his appointment as the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has emphasized on the role of interdependence of states in a globalized world and the need of foreign capital in Haiti.

According to the statement of Chancellor Brutus, President Martelly and Prime Minister Paul would support his candidacy for the Presidency of the country. However, his resignation is not a hasty departure; he will continue to resume his present office by the closing of his current responsibilities. He has several missions left for completion. He will accompany President Martelly on April 9 to a CARICOM meeting with the leaders from the states of the Caribbean and meet the US President Barack Obama. On April 10 and 11, Chancellor Brutus will represent to a high level summit of the Americas in Panama City to witness the comeback of Cuba to the great family of the Americas, after fifty years of exclusion. His final duty would be the signing of a series of important cooperation agreements in various fields with the neighboring Dominican Republic. Brutus has not yet revealed his choice of banner for the election. However, the observers are divided on opinion between his preference for "Konfederasyon Inite Demokratik" (KID) of Prime Minister Paul and "Party Haïtien Tèt kale" (PHTK). However, Brutus has rejected his representation for any ruling power.

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