Evans Paul recommends the creation of electoral commission

Prime Minister Evans Paul has officially aligned himself with the opposition that have been asking for the creation of an independent commission to investigate the election results. In a press release published on Twitter after midnight Thursday, the Prime Minister made the recommendation to President Michel Martelly for the formation of the commission that would have 72 hours to report back with recommendations to the government and the CEP. One very important question is: who should be part of this commission? this is an open question.


At this time, we don't know if a commission is possible, who are acceptable to be in it, whether or not Jude Celestin, the G8 will agree to it. In the meantime, election is scheduled for Dercember 27, 2015 or in less than two weeks from now. Also some members of the CEP members have threatened to resign in bloc if any commission is appointed.

To make matter worst, several legislative candidates have accused several CEP members for transforming this institution into a private, very lucrative business. According to the candidates, they were asked to pay thousands of dollars in bribes to members of the electoral court judges (BCEN) as well as CEP members in order to be elected to the new parliament.

Haitian Kreyol:

Evans Paul rekòmande kreyasyon yon komisyon elektoral

Premye Minis Evans Paul ofisyèlman aliyen kò l 'ak opozisyon an ki te mande pou kreyasyon yon komisyon endepandan pou mennen ankèt sou rezilta eleksyon an. Nan yon not laprès pibliye sou Twitter apre minwi Jedi, Premye Minis la te fè rekòmandasyon sa a bay Prezidan Michel Martelly pou fòmasyon komisyon an ki ta gen 72 èdtan pou fè yon rapò ak rekòmandasyon bay gouvènman an ak CEP a. Yon kesyon ki enpòtan anpil se: ki moun ki ta dwe fè pati komisyon sa a? sa a se yon kesyon tou louvri.

Nan tan sa a, nou pa konnen si yon komisyon posib, ki moun akseptab ki dwe nan li, si wi ou non Jude Celestin, G8 la ap dakò ak li. Nan entre-temps, eleksyon an toujou pwograme pou 27 Dercember, 2015 oswa nan mwens pase de semèn. Epitou kèk manm nan manm CEP yo te menase bay demisyon an blòk si nenpòt komisyon nonmen.

Pou fè zafè pi mal, plizyè kandida lejislatif yo te akize plizyè manm CEP pou transfòme enstitisyon sa a yon prive, trè likwatif biznis. Dapre kandida yo, yo te mande yo peye dè milye de dola nan koruptyon bay moun nan jij elektoral Court (BCEN) osi byen ke manm CEP yo nan lòd pou yo eli nan nouvo palman an.

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